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HP Pavilion Sleekbook 15-b000 Troubleshooting

Released June 2013, identified by model number 15-b000

Will Not Power On

You have trouble with the laptop turning on.

Defective Power Adapter

First attempt to plug the laptop with the adapter into a wall socket. Check that the adapter light is coming on if it’s not try another wall socket. If the adapter still fails to turn on you may need to replace the adapter. If the adapter light is on wait a few minutes and then attempt to power on laptop.

Weak or Damaged Battery

Connect laptop to power supply and allow laptop to fully charge. If laptop still only holds a charge for a short time, first attempt to reseat the battery here to see if it will resolve the issue. If this does not resolve this issue the battery may be faulty and need to be replaced here

Very Hot or Shutting Off After Being On For a While

Laptop has issues with overheating, slowing down, and turning off while in use.

Faulty Fan

If the laptop is overheating attempt to see if you can hear the fan or feel its airflow. If you find that the fan is no longer working correctly, try replacing it using this here

Poor Air Circulation

If you find that the fan is working correctly, first make sure that the air ports are not covered by whatever the laptop is sitting on. If your are sure that the airports are not covered make sure that they are not clogged by dust. Also try dusting internals, by using this here

Place a spacer between the bottom of the laptop and desk.

Audio is Distorted

Sounds on your computer are distorted or do not work.

Damaged Headphone Jack

If audio is fine through the laptops speakers but you are having issues when using headphones, the problem could be the headphone jack or the headphones themselves. Ensure that the headphones work by testing them with a different device. Once you are sure your headphones are not the problem, check the laptop headphone jack. Make sure that the headphones are fully plugged and that the plug does not wiggle in the headphone jack. If audio tends to cut in and out while wiggling the plug, you may need to replace the headphone jack as shown here

Faulty Driver

If you are experiencing audio issues only when using the laptops built in speakers, the issue could simply be a bad or outdated driver. Make sure all your drivers are up to date and working by going to the HP Support website or using the HP Assistant which should be pre-installed on your laptop.


Damaged Speaker

If you are still experiencing audio issues when using the laptops built in speakers after checking the drivers as mentioned above, then you may have a damaged speaker that needs to be replaced. Follow this guide here. .


Will Not Turn On All The Way

Laptop shows signs of power, but doesn’t load or boot up.

Corrupted Operating System Files

If the laptop comes on, fan, white indicator lights but the laptop either turns off immediately or remains on and does not reach a post screen. Plug the laptop into a wall socket. Attempt to reseat the battery with this guide. Attempt to reseat the memory with this guide and the hard drive with this guide here . If you are still encountering issues, you may need to reinstall the operating system as some critical files may be damaged. Follow this guide here on how to perform a system reovery and reinsall fresh operatiing system files. If the laptop will still not turn on the motherboard may need to be replaced. Follow this guide for motherboard replacement.

Ram is Loose

If the laptop is showing less ram or will not boot at all, normally with a series of beeps, then the sleekbook has installed How to check here. Reseat the ram with this guide here. If the laptop still shows less ram than installed a ram chip may be bad, replace the ram with this guide here.

Display is Distorted

The screen doesn’t display anything even though it is turned on or the color of the screen is distorted

The Screen is Damaged

If there is physical damage, cracks, lines through screen, dead sections. You will need to replace the screen using this here .

Faulty Connection

Check to make sure the laptop is on. Try restarting the laptop Connected the laptop to a wall socket with its adapter. The screen connection may be lose attempt to reconnect with guide here. If the screen is still not working it may be faulty and replaced see this guide here .

Deffective Display Panel

Try power cycling the laptop to attempt to resolve the issue. If the colors are still off reset the screen settings. Attempt to update the drivers with here.

If the colors are still off the laptop screen may lose attempt to reconnect it with this guide here. If the laptop screen still does not display correctly the laptop display panel may be damaged and need to be replaced with this guide here .

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