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Printer Will Not Turn On

If the printer does not turn on then you may be experiencing one of the following problems.

Power Cord is Not Connected

Reconnect the power cord into the back of the printer making sure that the other side is plugged into an outlet.

The Power Button is Not Working

After double checking the power cord and the power button does not work after holding it down for a couple seconds, refer to our [power button maintenance guide].

The Motherboard is Not Working

If the motherboard is not functioning properly it may need to be replaced.

Poor Print Quality

If you are experiencing bad quality prints you may be having one of the following problems.

Low Ink Level

If you are having faded or uneven prints, see if your printer cartridge ink level is low by checking the LCD screen. If the ink levels are not low make sure that the ink cartridge has been properly installed into the printer.

Dirty Printhead

The printhead is the component of the printer that puts the ink onto the paper. It is very common that it will become clogged or obstructed. As a final resort clean the printhead of the printer. For further instructions on how to do this view our printhead maintenance guide.

You may also want to look at our printhead track maintenance guide if cleaning the printhead itself is not enough to do the trick.

Jammed Paper

If the paper is not going properly through the printer you may be having one of the following problems.

Printer Rollers Need Cleaning

The printer rollers guide the paper through the machine. Open the back service port and use compressed air or a moist cloth to clean them.

Printer Feed is Broken

If the printer feed in the back of the printer needs to be replaced view our [printer feed installation guide] for more information.

Poor Scan Quality

Scans just are not printing with acceptable clarity in comparison to the original.

Dirty Glass

The glass needs to be as clean and clear as possible. Use a soft cloth, such as one used for glasses or monitor screens, and lightly wipe off the surface of the glass.

The Glass is Cracked

If the glass is cracked or scratched to the point where scans print out in poor quality, then the glass needs to be replaced. View our scanner glass installation guide to help you with do this.

The Scanner Piece is Broken

If the previous two issues did not fix your problem, there could be something wrong with the scanner piece. This can be fixed simply by replacing the scanner piece with a new one. Please view our scanning piece installation guide for assistance.

The Menu Screen with Touch Smart Frame is not working

With no manner of poking or tapping the menu screen with touchsmart frame won’t work.

The Printer is Off

The printer being off would result in the printer being unresponsive and the menu screen with touchsmart frame to not work. Make sure that your printer is on before continuing.

The Ribbon Cables are Dirty

The ribbon cables connect the motherboard to the screen and supply power, as well as allow the transfer of data. For a guide on how to take apart and clean the ribbon cables view our ribbon cable maintenance guide.

What when the USB cable doesn't connect to anything?

Hugo Marraco - Réponse

What is wrong when print only prints half of the word( bottom portion of word does not print). This does not happen all the time but frequent enough to be a problem.Model C4780.

Bob - Réponse

I'm having that problem with some of the lines but not all of them. I've replaced cartridges, cleaned heads, updated drivers, gone through all of their troubleshooting, messaged HP back & forth and done everything they said to do. They told me to buy a new printer. :(

kaycstamper -

How do i replace the guide extension for the printer?

hereskaz - Réponse

How do I replace the printer extension guide

hereskaz - Réponse

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