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HP iPAQ h4155 Troubleshooting

iPAQ won't turn on

I pushed the power button and there are not any lights anywhere

Hold on Switch

First things first. Try pushing that ON button one more time. If you are not sure where that is located, it is above the screen on the front face between the two LED lights.

Dead/Bad Battery

If your iPAQ hasn't been used in a while it is very possible that the battery has just run out of juice. Try plugging in the AC adapter or the USB cradle. It might not turn on, but you will see lights if it is charging. If there is still no response you probably have a bad battery. See the guide here to learn how to replace the old one.

Broken/Stuck Power Button

It is also possible that the power button is stuck or broken. Take a look at this guide to see how to take off the front faceplate and replace or examine the power button.

Bad Motherboard

If you have tried everything else it is most likely that the motherboard needs to be replaced. See the guides here to see out to take apart you iPAQ and remove the motherboard.

Screen is blank

The Power lights are on but I don't see anything on the screen

Frozen Machine

Sometimes the software can 'freeze up' and become non-responsive. Try preforming a soft reset. If the device is still non-responsive you should try a Hard reset. Be advised that a hard reset will return your iPAQ back to factor settings, all of your personal settings will be lost.

Bad Screen

The screen may have failed. To replace it you will need to take apart the device and replace it. Follow the steps here.

Bad Motherboard

If the machine still refuses to run there is a good chance that the mother board has failed. You will need to take apart the device and replace the entire board. See instructions on how to do that here.

The iPAQ turns off all by itself

Every time I am tryng to do something my iPAQ turns off

Stuck Power button

If the power button is stuck or is continually being pushed it might be sending signals to the motherboard to turn off the device. You can take off the front face and examine the button to see if it is gummed up or broken. If necessary it can be easily replaced or cleaned. See how to take off the front face plate here.

Bad/ Dead Battery

It is possible that the battery cant hold a charge for very long. Try plugging in the ac adapter or the putting the iPAQ in the USB cradle. If the device still fails after charging for awhile you might need to replace the battery. See the guide here on how to change the battery.

Software glitch

Your iPAQ could be stuck in loop or have some kind of software problem. You should try a soft reset. If that doesn't work you could try a hard reset. Remember that if you preform a hard reset all of your personal settings will be returned to factory settings.

Bad Motherboard

If the iPAQ is still having problems you might have a bad motherboards. If so you will need to replace it. Go here to see the guide for replacing the motherboard.

My Joy-pad and front buttons aren't working

I don't have any response from the joy-pad or my quick buttons

Broken/ Stuck Buttons

The buttons might not be sending signals to the motherboard because they are broken or stuck. You will need to remove the front cover to see what is going on underneath. Click here for directions to remove the front cover.

Broken i/o interface

If the buttons look fine then you can replace the entire interface. The guide to remove the interface from the mother board and replace it can be seen here.

Bad Motherboard

Unfortunately if the interface is not the problem then the motherboard is probably the problem. You can follow this guide to learn how to change out the motherboard.

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