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Handspring Visor Edge Troubleshooting

The PDA does not make any sound

"You can not get you handspring visor edge to make sound."

System sound settings may have disabled the sound

The PDA uses sound for systems, alarms, and games. Tap each one respectively to change the sound level. Also note that older games may not work with with sound changes. If all three sounds levels are on and it does not make any sound see sub header: Speaker is damaged.

Speaker is damaged

The speaker may have become detached from the mother board or broken by accident. Follow the repair guide to see how to reattach it or replace it.

Buttons are non-responsive

"Every time you hit the buttons they either get stuck or nothing happens on the screen."

PDA is frozen

The PDA often becomes over loaded with data or a non-compatable program. To reset the PDA simply perform a soft reset. See repair guide. Doing this will not cause the PDA to loose any of its data. Afterwards the welcome screen will appear followed by the general preference screen.

Button board is broken

The Button board often becomes damaged due to over use of buttons. It may also become sticky if a liquid is spilled on it. To replace the button board see the repair guide. This should not cause the PDA to loose any information.

PDA will not turn on

"The PDA screen is black even after you hit the power button."

Battery out of power

If your PDA is out of battery, place it in the cradle immediately. Your information should still be stored, due to the residual power in the battery. If the PDA is left dead for awhile the information may be lost. In that case preform a hotsync operatoin on the computer to add your data back. The hotsync button is located on the cradle.

Battery is dead

If the battery can not be charged you will have to change it out for a new one. The battery may have become dead due to overheating or not charging it for awhile. See repair guide to fix it.

Flip cover isn't working properly

"The flip cover can not open all the way or does not flip down"

Spring is damaged

Due to overuse of opening and closing the cover the spring may become damaged. To fix this you will have to put in a new spring. See repair guide to handle this.

Flip cover is cracked

Due to overuse or opening it past its limit the hinge on the flip cover may become cracked or broken. A new flip cover can be easily added. See the repair guide.

Nothing appears on screen

"The screen remains black even though it has power"

Adjust contrast control

If the lighting around you is dark and the contrast is low you may not be able to see the screen. To adjust the contrast, drag the slider or press the arrows to increase or decrease the contrast.

Screen is broken

The screen can become cracked or unusable if it is dropped. To replace the screen see the repair guide.

PDA keeps turning off

"Your PDA turns off inadvertently"

The PDA may be set this way

The PDA is designed to turn off with inactivity. The PDA is designed to do this. Go under general preferences to change this. It can be changed to turn off after one, two, or three minutes. To stop it from turning it off completely check the Auto-off setting.

The PDA does not recognize my hand writing

"You are unable to write on your PDA correctly"

Writing using the wrong type of hand writing

The PDA may not recognize the hand writing if your not using graffiti front. A full list of letters and how to write them can be seen in the hand spring visor edge manual or the online manual. Also make sure to write at a natural speed and press relatively hard.

Writing in the wrong area of the screen

Make sure to write letters on the right side of the writing area. Write numbers on the left side.

The PDA can not beam information to another palm OS handheld

"You are unable to transfer information to other people"

PDA's may not be close enough

The PDAs have to a certain distance away from each other. It varies with the PDA's being used.

There may be obstacles in the way

If the path is not clear between the PDA's the beaming may not work. Put the PDA's close together.

Preferences May Have Sharing Data Off

Check the general preference screen to make sure the beaming receive setting is on.

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