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Hitachi HB-B102 Automatic Home Bakery II Troubleshooting

Hitachi HB-B102 Automatic Home Bakery II

Bread Maker Won't Start

I have the bread maker plugged in and the display is lit up but display shows random letters when I press "Start"

Bread Pan Isn't Pushed All The Way In

If the bread pan isn't pushed in all the way, the bread maker may not start and the display will show "--E". Make sure the pan's tabs are properly aligned with the receptors on the sidewall and push the pan down until you hear an audible click.

Interrupted Power Supply

If the power supply to the bread maker is interrupted while it is in operation a few things can happen.

If the power supply is interrupted for...

  • Just a moment... The bread maker will continue operation when the power supply is reconnected.
  • More than ten minutes... The display will flash on and off and will not show the baking time remaining. Remove the dough and start again.
  • More than an hour... The display will return to the normal start display. Remove the dough and start again.

Bread Maker is Too Hot

When baking more than one loaf consecutively, the bread maker may become overheated. The display will show "--H", the machine will beep , and will not start until adequately cooled. This is to prevent the next loaf from being overcooked. Open the lid to allow ventilation for 30 minutes to 1 hour. Once the "--H" icon goes away, you can start cooking again.

Bread Maker is Too Cold

If the Bread Maker is too cold it will not allow you to start. This may happen when the surrounding temperature is below 14°F/-10°C. The display will show "--L" and the machine will beep at you. Move the bread maker to a warmer area.

What do the Different Beeps Mean?

I'm baking bread and the machine just beeped at me and I don't know why.

The Bread is Finished

At the end of the baking cycle the bread maker will tell you your loaf is ready by beeping three times. If you do not remove the bread at this time and press "STOP" the bread maker will turn on a ventilator to keep your bread warm and fresh for thirty minutes.

Time to Add Raisins

If you are using the "Mix Bread" option, the bread machine will tell you the optimum time to add raisins. The machine will emit three sets of five beeps at approximately 25 minutes from the start and 4 minutes from the end of the kneading cycle.

Mixing Paddle is Hard to Turn or Won't Turn

I have the machine plugged in and started the desired bread cycle but the paddle won't mix and knead the bread.

The Belt May be too Loose

If the mixing paddle drive belt is too loose, it may not have the amount of purchase necessary to turn the paddle. The paddle may turn when there is no dough in the machine but may not be able to kneed the dough properly with the added resistance of the dough.

The best thing to replace the stretched out drive belt with a new one. For more help take a look at this Belt Repair Guide.

The Belt May be Broken

If the paddle does not turn at all, but there are still motor sounds, the belt may be completely broken. The belt will need to be replaced with a new one. For more help take a look at this Belt Repair Guide.

Mixing Paddle Won't Come out of Pan

I've finished baking my bread and want to clean the whole machine but I can't get the mixing paddle out of the bread pan.

The Paddle May Be Stuck to Pan

After baking bread, there may be some crust attaching the mixing paddle to the pan. Put some warm water in the pan to let the crust soak for about thirty minutes and then twist the paddle to dislodge it.

Do not submerse the pan in water or otherwise get outside of pan wet as this could damage the pan. Also remember that the baking pan has a special nonstick coating so you don't want to pry the paddle out with any sort of metal utensil or other item that may scratch the nonstick coating.

Mixing Paddle Comes Out With Baked Bread

When I'm pulling the bread out of the pan the mixing paddle comes with it.

Mixing Blade Should Come out of Pan

It's completely normal for the mixing paddle to come out with your baked bread. However, you do want to take it out after removing the bread from the pan so it can be properly cleaned. The paddle will be very hot at the end of the bake cycle so make sure to use something like chopsticks or a spatula to get it out and not your bare hands. The best time to get the paddle out is right after the bread has finished baking; as the bread cools the paddle will become harder and harder to get out.

Mixing Paddle Comes Off During Mixing and Kneading

During the mixing cycle the mixing paddle comes off and as a result the bread isn't properly mixed or kneaded.

Not Enough Ingredients

When adding ingredients to the pan, you should be sure to add the recommended amount of ingredients. If you scale down the recipe, the paddle may not have the proper amount of weight pushing down on it to keep it in place. If the paddle does pop off during mixing you can replace the paddle on the axel or start over depending on how much dough is covering the axel.

My B201 sat for almost a year. Trying to bake a loaf, after putting in all ingredients, as the knead cycle started, the machine let out a loud shrieking sound. Then after resting for a few, it did it again. I suspect a belt slip. It could correct itself without replacing the belt but I want to know if it could be a bearing or something more serious. We’ll see how this loaf comes out and maybe leaving it alone for a batch or two is the proper course. Sure was loud tho.

baxter culver - Réponse

Everytime I go to make dough and leave it my bread pan lock disengages during the kneading process and I'll come back inside to dried out, half mixed dough I don't see anything about that anywhere. If I were to guess I’d say it might be the belt but I want to know for sure before I take anything apart

Nick Wick - Réponse

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