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The LG Cosmos VN-250 is a Verizon CDMA slide phone with a QWERTY keyboard. It has a 1.3 megapixel camera and utilizes a MicroSD for extra storage space. It also has Bluetooth and social media capabilities.

Note: This phone does not have a touch screen.

Screen is Dark but Other Features are Functional

The phone screen is dark but all other functions of the cellphone are working.

Screen Glitch

This may just be a temporary error, where one component of the phone does not function normally. This can be fixed by holding down the PWR/END button until the phone shuts off. Press the PWR/END button again to turn the phone back on. At this point, it should function normally again. If not, restore the phone to its default settings by hard resetting. If none of those solutions work, then the LCD or motherboard is broken.

Dead Battery

If the screen is dark and the phone does not turn on, then it is possible that the battery is dead. To test this, keep your phone plugged into the charger and turn the phone on. If everything is functional, then the phone has a dead battery and you have to replace the battery. If the phone does not turn on, then the motherboard is broken. In this case, you would have to replace the motherboard. Caution: In this process all data will be lost.

LCD and Display Board are Damaged

If the screen is completely dark, the LCD display screen has been damaged or has reached its maximum usage. You will have to purchase a new LCD screen and install it.

Image Does Not Rotate and the QWERTY Keyboard is Not Functional

The image on the phone screen does not rotate 90 degrees when the QWERTY keyboard is accessed and the buttons on the QWERTY keyboard do not work when pressed.

Keyboard Glitch

If the image does not rotate 90 degrees then there may be a minor glitch, where one component does not function. In this case, your phone screen is frozen. This can be fixed by holding down the PWR/END button until phone is completely off, then press the same button to turn the phone on. If this does not work, take off the back cover and pull the battery out. Now, place the battery back in and turn the phone back on. Now the phone should function normally when you slide the keyboard out. If this solution does not work, then the motherboard flex cable is damaged and must be replaced.

Keypad Sensor is Damaged

If you are pushing any button on either keypad and the letters seem to lag, not show, or does not do its designated function, then it is possible that your phone has too many applications open. The easiest solution is to close all applications and restart the phone using the PWR/END button. If this does not solve the problem, then the keypad sensors are damaged. In this case, you must replace the motherboard. Caution: all data saved on the phone will be lost.

Motherboard Flex Cable is Damaged

If the buttons on the QWERTY keyboard are not operational, then the flex cable is damaged. You must disassemble the phone and replace the motherboard flex cable.

Crack or Scratch in Front Glass Lens, Battery Door, QWERTY Cover, Back Housing, or Side Housing

This is when any exterior portion of the phone has any visible cracks, scratches, or any other visible damage.

Damaged Housing Parts

If you dropped your phone and damaged one of the housing parts, you can buy replacement parts. If you want to replace the housing parts, you have the option of purchasing each separate part or purchasing a housing bundle. The housing bundle is cheaper but includes more parts, which may be confusing. The individual parts are more expensive but focus on replacing a specific part of the phone.

Rear Case Replacement Guide

Side Case Replacement Guide

QWERTY Keyboard or Keypad Letters and Numbers are Faded

When the letter and numbers on the keypad or keyboard are not visible.

Damaged Silicon QWERTY Keypad

In this case, the silicon QWERTY keypad has lost it's lettering due to extensive use. You can buy and install a new silicon QWERTY keypad.

Damaged Plastic Dial Keypad

This problem is when the dial keypad has been under extensive use and the letter paint has rubbed off. You can buy and install a new plastic dial keypad.

Cannot Hear Sound From the Top Speaker

When you make a call and cannot hear what the other recipient is saying or there is no sound coming out of the top speaker.

Internal Speaker is Broken

If there is no sound coming out of the top speaker, double check that the phone is not on mute and the volume is turned up to the maximum level. To do this, use the top arrow key on the left side of the phone. If this does not fix the problem, then the internal top speaker is broken and must be replaced.

ok so i have an LG cosmos 3 and it just glitched and then the screen turned dark blue and im still getting texts because the keypad lights up but i just cant see the screen because it is blue so if you could help me out that would be great and BTW i already tryed taking the battery out and putting it back in and also i turned it off the back on after 20 seconds...just plz help me

Emily - Réponse

When I press certain buttons, my cellphone reboots itself. Can sometimes send texts with some effort being creative, but it seems to be rebooting itself more quickly as of late. Can still make or receive phone calls.

Alex Trevell - Réponse

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