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LG LX150 Troubleshooting

Frozen Screen

Screen is unresponsive to user input

If your phone is not responding, try removing the battery and then replacing it. Your phone could have tried to process too many things at once and ended up locking itself up and needs to be restarted.

No Sounds

No sounds are heard from the phone, such as ring tones or caller voices

If your phone is not making any noises, it could be something as simple as the volume is turned to off. Try opening the phone and using the volume keys on the left side of the phone, push the top of it until the desired volume is achieved.

If this does not work, your speaker could have been damaged and will not make sound until it is fixed or replaced.

Charging Issues

Phone does not charge properly

Bad Battery

If your phone does not work at all unless it is plugged in, or if your phone charges, but then drains its charge quickly (less than 100 hours on standby or less than 240 minutes talk time) then it is likely the battery is defective.

Note that most phone batteries are lithium ion batteries and only have a usable life of about 1-2 years. Do not handle your lithium ion battery if it appears to be leaking.

Bad Outlet

If the phone is plugged in but does not indicate that it is charging, the outlet that the power adapter is plugged into could be faulty. Look for a switch controlling the outlet or find another outlet.

Bad Power Adapter Jack

If your phone is plugged into the power adapter and still not charging correctly, and you are sure that it is not the outlet or the battery, It could be the connection on the phone. Try wiggling the power adapter plug that is in the phone when it is plugged in to see if the phone begins to indicate that it is charging. If the phone indicates that it is charging when the plug is held in a certain position, then it is likely that the phone power adapter jack is faulty.

Bad Power Adapter

If your phone is plugged into the power adapter and still not charging correctly, and you are sure that it is not the outlet or the battery or the power adapter jack, it is possible that the power adapter is faulty.

Broken Screen

Your screen is cracked or shattered

Usually the phone will still work even if the screen is broken. However, the functionality of the phone will be limited, as you may not be able to view contacts or text messages or change settings on the phone.

I can't get the back cover off. Push the button and push on the up arrow but nothing..... Like it's glued shut. s Help!

Carolyn Donnell - Réponse

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