LG LX160 Troubleshooting

The LG LX160 is a cellular phone by LG which comes with few features but remains a quality phone.

If your phone turns off a few hours after it has been fully recharged, you may need to replace the phone's battery.

Dead Battery Repair Guide

If your phone will not turn on even when plugged into a power source, it is possible that your logic board is faulty.

Logic Board Repair Guide

If your keys do not pop out after being pressed, or you need to press unusually hard to dial numbers, then you most likely need to replace your keypad.

Keyboard Repair Guide

If the case has been dropped too many times without being covered in a protective shell, it will become scratched, dented, or even chipped. New cases can easily be installed using the repair guide for the front casing.

Front Casing Repair Guide

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