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Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 4-1850 Troubleshooting

Due to the simplicity of the device there are few issues that may be addressed with the Lenovo IdeaPad Flex. Primary issues are in battery life and can be fixed by replacing the source.

Unresponsive or Frozen Screen

The laptop freezes becomes unresponsive during normal use.

Computer Software is Not Up to Date

If the computer is running slow and is receiving multiple notifications, then you should check the settings for an update. Follow the process of next update that the software has put out for your given device. In order to check and see if there is an update necessary you will have to click on the menu and go to settings.

Complete Computer Shut Down

The computer shuts off and tends to enter sleep mode.

Overheated Device

The computer is overheating if the fans are not working up to its full potential. This will cause you to hear a hissing sound while using your computer. Since the fans aren't working, it will eventually lead your computer to overheat and melt.

Computer Unable to Sustain Charge with Charger

When the computer is taken off the charger it tends to die quicker than usual.

Low Battery Life

The battery is faulty when the charger light is on when plugged in, but when disconnected from the charger dies very quickly. You will only be able to tell this over time if your battery life is considerably lower/shorter than what it what when you first purchased it.

Malfunction in the Charging Port

If plugged into the port and the light on the charging cable is on but the charging light on the computer is off, then it is a port malfunction. There might also be a charging port malfunction if the loose charger does not fit securely in the port

Failure in Charging Cable

If plugged into the wall and the light on the charging block is not on, it is a charger malfunction. Another way to find out if the port is messed up is if the computer is completely dead and when put on the charger it does not indicate any signs of charge.

Device Will Not Stand on Its Own

The computer unfolds while in use.

Screen is Unable to Remain Open

If the hinges are loose, then the screen will be unable to stay in a certain position without the screen falling. Your hinges might be too loose if your computer unfolds while in use as a tablet.

Device Is Difficult to Open and Close

The device feels stuck as you open and close it.

Hinges are to tight to easily open or close

If the hinges are tight, then you will be unable to open and closes laptop easily. The hinges could also be the problem if the screen sticks while attempting to open the device.

Unresponsive Touchpad

While using the touchpad, there was no response from the mouse on the screen.

Replacement of Touchpad

While trying to use the touch pad and there is no movement or response on screen there might be a problem with your touchpad. Your touch pad also might be faulty if you are incapable to click and select on icons.

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