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Droid 4 won't turn on

The Motorola Droid 4 won't power up. If the first solution doesn't fix your problem, continue on to the following solutions.

Hold down the power button

Hold down the power button, located on the top of the phone in the center, for three seconds. The screen should come to life after this is done.

Dead battery

Plug the charger into the Droid 4 and wait five minutes before attempting to turn the phone on with the power button.

Droid 4 isn't charging

When the Droid 4 is plugged into the charger, it doesn't gain any battery life.

Cable connection

Ensure that the USB is inserted into the Droid 4 and the plug. Then check that the USB is secured into the plug and the plug is secured into the wall properly.

USB cord and plug

Switch the USB cord with another USB cord, that you know is functioning, to make sure it is still working. Repeat this process with a different plug. If the phone won't charge, the connection into the phone may be the problem and it should be replaced.

No sound through headphone jack

When headphones are plugged in, you are unable to hear any sounds through them.

Faulty headphones

Your headphones may be broken. Try plugging them into a different device to make sure they are still working properly. If you can't hear anything through the new device, you need to replace your headphones.

Headphone jack is dirty

Look into the headphone and check for any debris that may be interrupting the connection. You can see better into the headphone jack by shining a light inside of it. After removing the debris, plug in your headphones and listen for sounds.


The phone closes out of applications or shuts off randomly.

Restart phone

The phone can be restarted by turning it off and removing the battery. Refer to the battery removal guide for assistance. Once the battery has been taken out, put it back in and turn on the phone.

Factory data reset

A factory data reset can be performed to restore the phone to the state it was when it was opened so all of the information stored on the phone will be gone. Locate the app menu from the home screen and then click settings. In the settings menu, press privacy and unselect the automatic restore. Next press factory data reset and then reset phone and finally erase everything. The factory data reset should take up to three minutes to be completed.

Broken sim card or rear cover removal tool

The sim card, keyboard, camera or other hardware related to the Droid 4 is not working properly.

Sim card

If you can't send or receive calls or texts, you probably have problems with your sim card. Ensure that the sim card is properly placed into the housing slot. If the housing slot if dislodged of out of place refer to the sim card reader replacement guide.

Rear cover removal tool

If the rear cover removal tool is broken or lost, a paperclip may be used to remove the rear panel as shown in the rear panel replacement guide.

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