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Motorola Moto Q Troubleshooting

Your phone won't turn on.

If you can only use your phone while it is on the charger, the problem most likely resides in the battery. If your battery is defective or old, it will not hold a sufficient charge and lose power fast when it is off of the charger. To check if your battery is bad, try borrowing a friend's charged battery from the same model phone and see if your phone stays on and holds the charge. Do the same with your friends phone and your "charged" battery. If the same result occurs on your friends phone as it did on your phone, then it is your battery that needs to be replaced. If it's not the battery it might be your power adapter or DC-in board.

If your power adapter is bad, the phone will run off a battery, but it won't charge. If your battery is too low, it will be difficult to diagnose a bad power adapter. The easiest way to test this is to borrow either a battery or power adapter to test in your machine. If you have the same problem with another power adapter, your problem is most likely the DC-in board.

If your DC-in board is bad, you will not be able to start your phone when it's plugged into the wall. However, it may or may not run on the battery. To determine if it is your DC-in board, first check that your battery and power adapter (charger) are working properly. If you have to hold your working charger in a certain way or apply pressure in a certain direction for it to charge the problem is most likely the DC-in board. depending on the condition of the DC-in board you may be ale to re-solder the female input piece back into place, if this is not possible it would be best to just replace the DC-in board.

Your screen is distorted, black, or just not turning on while the rest of your phone is fine.

If your phone is on and all other operations are working, it is possible that the connecting cable between the LCD and the main board has come loose.

If all the connections to and from the LCD are in good shape, your LCD may be broken.

If your camera is not working, you may have a broken lens. Check your lens for any cracks or damages. If your camera looks damaged you may need to replace the camera.

If your camera doesn't seem to have any physical damage to it, it may just be faulty. Open your case and try to clean the phones components or replace the camera.

If your screen has an ugly scratch on it, you may consider replacing it. This will require you to open up the phone and remove the screen cover.

If the symbols on your keyboard are fading you may want to replace the keyboard. This can be done by opening up the phone and removing the plastic keyboard.

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