When I plugin my controller whatever game I am playing doesn't show that my controller is plugged in as a player.

Try plugging the controller into another port.

Inside the controller there are some wires that connect to circuits, taking it apart and re-bonding the wires can fix the broken connection.

Possibly the part of the controller you plugin has been physically altered so it doesn't fit correctly into the console port; if it isn't too bad you may be able to force the plastic back into place.

When I play games my buttons get stuck or don't register at all with the console.

You can open up the controller and clean the affected areas.

Inside the controller the rubber button pads are aligned with little holes that little rubber poles, attached to the rubber button pad, are put into.

Inside the controller there are some wires that connect to circuits, taking it apart and re-bonding the wires can fix the broken the buttons connection with the rest of the controller.

When I play a game the movements created by the joystick are delayed or sometimes don't register.

You can take apart the controller and then the joystick box, you can clean the affected area.

Inside the joystick box there is a plastic ring, metal spring, and the joystick that work best when well lubricated.

You left out an important one: if you plugged the controller in after starting the game, it might be fixed by resetting the system, this time with the controller already plugged in. I did it...worked like a charm on Ocarina of Time!

ivorytickler88 - Réponse

my joystick won't stop acting like I'm pressing it to the left when I don't even touch it!

Caroline Moran - Réponse

Hi, Ivorytickler88..I tried your suggestion, but it didn't work. My 64 is in perfect condition and has been boxed for many years. Do I need to buy a new controller, memory pad, or what? Your advice is appreciated. Thanks

Marilyn Lee - Réponse

Do nI need a controller pak to use my controller or is it fine if its empty

Marinara Coder - Réponse

Im gonna try cleaning my two controllers that dont seem to register B-button-presses, at all. Ive opened them both up and honestly they look pretty clean, no “gunk'" on any wires, curcuits or connectors, Ive tried aligning the rubber buttons more precisely, Ive even tried using a single rubber button and playing SM64 with the two controllers, stripped, basically holding the curcuitboard and testing individual buttons. All work except B-button. What can som rubbing-alcohol really do?…

Hiki Niki - Réponse

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