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Nintendo Wii Troubleshooting

Wii will not turn on or boot

Game console is not turning on.

AC adapter reset

Most power issues with the Wii can be fixed by resetting the AC adapter. Unplug the AC adapter from both the outlet and the console and let it sit for at least 2 minutes. Plug both ends back in, making sure that the adapter is plugged directly into a wall outlet, not a surge protector or power strip.

Bad power supply

The power supply to your Wii could have gone bad, which would keep the console from receiving power. Connect a known working power supply to your console. If it works with the new power supply, then your power supply has gone bad and needs to be replaced.

Bad wall outlet

It is possible that the outlet the console is plugged into is bad. Plug another device such as a lamp into it to check it. Also, be sure that the outlet is not controlled by a wall switch. If it is, make sure that the switch is on.

Bad Bluetooth board

A common source of failures in the Nintendo Wii is the Bluetooth board. If it and the Wi-Fi module are not fully functional and properly attached to the motherboard, the system will not boot.

Try reseating both the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi boards. If possible, try swapping the Bluetooth module with a known working one to determine if that is the cause.

Bad motherboard

If the power supply and wireless boards are fine, then the problem is likely the motherboard. Replace the motherboard with a new one.

Won't show Press A to Continue

Boots enough to show the Warning screen, but doesn't show press A to continue at the bottom? Try removing any GC memory cards and rebooting!

Wii suddenly turns off during use

Your console unexpectedly turns off in the middle of gameplay

AC adapter reset

Most power issues with the Wii can be fixed by resetting the AC adapter. Unplug the AC adapter from both the outlet and the console and let it sit for at least 2 minutes. Plug both ends back in, making sure that the adapter is plugged directly into a wall outlet, not a surge protector or power strip.

Bad third party accessory

An accessory of low manufacturing quality may cause damage to the console. If you have any accessories connected to your Wii when it unexpectedly shuts off, unplug the accessory and follow the above instructions to reset the AC adapter.

Lack of ventilation

The Wii shuts down if a lack of ventilation causes the system to overheat. Check the vents on the back of the console for a build-up of dust and debris. If there is a lot of dust, use a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment to remove the dust. Place your hand behind the Wii while it is powered on and make sure the fan is blowing air; otherwise, you should replace the fan.

Wii gets hot while in standby

Some consoles tend to get hot when in standby mode (yellow power LED) with WiiConnect24 enabled. This occurs because much of the Wii's hardware is powered on, but the fan is not powered on. If this is of concern, disable WiiConnect24 in Standby Mode in the Wii Settings menu.

Wii will not take discs

Console turns on but the DVD drive will not spin or accept discs

Bad cable connection

If your DVD drive doesn't turn on when the console is started, it could be a connection issue. The DVD drive is connected to the motherboard by a 12-pin power connector and a ZIF data cable. Remove the DVD drive and check both of the connections to the drive. If they are fine, you may also have to access the motherboard to check the connections from the cables to the board.

Bad DVD drive board

If all of the connections to the DVD drive are secure, then it is possible that the board on the DVD drive has a short in it or a blown surface-mount fuse. Remove the DVD drive and replace it with a new one to see if that works. If it does, you can either replace the entire drive, or try to find a replacement board. Replacing the board will be less expensive, but will require soldering.

Bad motherboard

If the cables and the drive are not the problem that cause the DVD drive not to turn on, then it may be a bad motherboard. It is difficult to test this without obtaining a new motherboard or testing your DVD drive on a known working console. If the drive still works on another board, then you will have to replace the motherboard.

DVD drive will not read discs

The drive takes discs, but does not read them

Bad data cable

If the disc is spinning in the DVD drive, but the console can't read it, then there may be a bad connection with the data cable. The cable is a ZIF ribbon cable that goes from the DVD drive to the mother board. First, remove the DVD drive to check the connection there. If it's fine, you'll have to access the connection on the motherboard to make sure it is also secure. At this point, if the connections are fine, you might also want to try a different data cable, though it is not likely that the cable is the problem unless there is obvious damage to it.

Bad laser lens

If the Wii takes discs, but cannot read them, then there is likely a problem with the laser lens in the DVD drive. Though it is possible to just replace the laser, it is easier and more reliable to replace the DVD drive.

Thermal issues

If your Wii is very warm to the touch, this can cause disk read errors. If this is the case, then completely shut down the Wii (red LED) and allow it to cool down, and then try again.

Wii remote is not recognized by console

Wii remote and console are not connected

Wii remote has lost its sync

It is possible that your Wii remote has "lost" its sync. You can clear all previous synced Wii remotes with your console and reconnect the ones you are using. Power off the console and unplug the power cord for a few seconds. Plug the power cord back in and turn the Wii back on. At the "Health and Safety" screen, open the small door on the faceplate of the console. Hold the red sync button for at least 15 seconds. All previous syncs have been removed from your console at this point. This process does not need to be repeated to re-sync each remote.

Take the first Wii remote you wish to sync and remove the door to the battery compartment. Press and release the red sync button near the batteries. Quickly press and release the red sync button on the console. The lights on the remote will flash and then illuminate the light that corresponds to that remote's position (1, 2, 3, or 4). Repeat this process for each Wii remote in any desired order.

Wii is making a loud noise while on

Bad fan

As the console ages, the fan may become clogged or eventually fail, causing the console to overheat, which could lead to much more serious damage to the device. Remove the fan to clean it or replace it with a new one.

Bad drive

If the noise only happens when there is a disc inserted in the drive, the drive might be failing. If it bothers you, you will need to replace the DVD drive.

Nintendo troubleshooting

If the issues you are experiencing are not covered above, visit Nintendo's Wii Troubleshooting Page and the HackMii Troubleshooting Guide.

83 commentaires

Had a problem with the Wii remotes. Following the instructions above the problem was resolved. Thank you.

Jim Jensen - Réponse

I have another solution. My Wii would not read discs (and gave me a few error messages). I tried the Wii disc cleaning solution and making sure the games were clean, but neither worked. I also tried all of the other troubleshooting solutions, and none worked.

When I looked at the back of the Wii, I noticed a few vents and what looked kind of like a fan. Blowing on it, a bunch of dust came out. I blew on it a few more times until no more dust came out. And the next thing I knew, the Wii worked! Maybe it was clogged with dust? Regardless, this simple solution worked for me.

rlsmith1994 -

The ac adapter reset works just as explained above.

Tom Ryan - Réponse

The ac adapter reset works just as explained. Be sure to unplug from wall, wait and reconnect.

Tom Ryan - Réponse

Had a series of power outages (about 8 in a one hour period) that kept the Wii from turning on. I unplugged the ac adapter from the wall for about 10 minutes and when I plugged it back it, everything came back up like normal.

Philip Henderson - Réponse

Thank you so much! We just moved and don't have our dish hooked up yet so we've been watching Netflix through our Wii. It quit working this morning so I just did what you said to do. I unplugged it, waited for a few minutes and plugged it back in directly to the wall instead of the power strip. It works! I can't thank you enough!

Traci Olson - Réponse

The AC adapter reset solved the problem. I never would have thought of that - Thanks!

Brick - Réponse

Our Wii will not read disks. I thought it was just old and died so I bought a replacement console. I hooked it up and the new one will not read disks either. Do you think it is a cable issue? Any other suggestions? When we had our TV hung on the wall about 2 years ago our electrician ran the cables through the wall and everything worked fine. A couple of months ago, it stopped reading disks. Please help.

MelissaJ - Réponse

I have a fairly unique issue I believe. I have a disc drive that doesnt seem to have any power (wont try to load discs or activate laser). My wii is also not syncing with any wiimotes. Is it possible that this is related to a blown fuse or some sort of power failure? I thought that it may be a dead drive motor (to load and unload discs), but now it seems to be a power issue in other areas. The wii still boots up and runs fine. Please lend some advice if you have any.

Travis - Réponse

I purchased a DVD repair kit because our Wii would not read a disc. After replacing it now it makes loud clicking noises - that it didn't do before - and then it ejects the dvd after a few seconds. Any advice??

rsolson - Réponse

Because it may not be made for Wii’s

ElectronicsAreMyThing EAMT -

My qui will not read discs and my mother tried cleaning all of the discs and it didn't work and I may have died or it's just old my sister tried cleaning the dust and that was not it I need help i don't know what to do please help me i don't want my wii do for it's just to young I got it like 3 years ago? But please help me. Thank You

Cutiedanie22309 - Réponse

I am having trouble with my wii. I have gotten a new remote and a new sensor bar and the remote lights still go crazy then shut off. I tried to sync the remote I've tried turning it off pulling the cords out and waiting and it still isn't working.

Audreyona callihan - Réponse

Did you get your remotes to work mine is doing same thing

rjdixon1978 -

My remote will turn my Wii on but not show the little motion hand, I got a new sensor bar and still won't work, remote is synced and will turn and on and off the Wii plus get off the press a to start and move from screen to screen but no motion??

donnajeanimbody - Réponse

Did you figure out how to fix , mine is doing same thing

rjdixon1978 -

My tv can't find my wii. What might fix this?

C Mccoulskey - Réponse

Same. Does your tv catch the DVD player?

Meep -

i dont know what to do my wii just says 'an error has occured' turn off the wii and 'refer to the wii operations manual for trouble shooting but i dont have the manual

Nicoly Popenky - Réponse

As,MN lmmjaa,njj

gbmox6 -

Did you find a solution? We have 2 Wii consoles and they are both doing this. Thanks.

Kathryn Falk -

Our Wii will turn on and we can hear the game but unable to see the game on the TV. Any advice?

bapersohn - Réponse

HECKAA late…but that just means your video wire isn't plugged in/ is plugged to the wrong color. The video wire (yellow) should be plugged into the green/ yellow hole of your tv (Labeled Y/V).

Sesilia 'Alama Finau -

My TV can't find my WII consle. Any adivice? Please I did everything and it is not working yet my TV catches my DVD player.

Meep - Réponse

Late, but do you know all your input devices on your tv (Like HDMI, HDMI 2, Cable, USB, etc.)

Sesilia 'Alama Finau -

My system will not play gamecube or Wii discs its really hard cause I cant play PMTTYD and SA2B and SADX and if I get a new system they will restart what do I do?

Heather patenaude - Réponse

while im playing my game before i play it or during I play it then it sas there is a issue

Ethan Fast - Réponse

The ac adapter reset works just as explained above. Thank you!

Linda Stewart - Réponse

The wii will make it to the select language screen, but then I cannot get it to go to confirm to move on.

sgentry2003 - Réponse

2 weeks ago my classic wii came on and worked fine. Now the hdtv does not get a signal from console. My HDTV will automatically enable the input source when the input is turned on. TV recognizes blu ray as usual, but will not recognize wii. Also wii will not turn off using power button. I can hold power for 10 seconds and it will go off. I have unplugged all cords from wii and unplugged power from wall outlet. Allowed to sit for about an hour. Reconnected everything and tv still cannot see it. I am using the red white yellow cables - nothing had changed with hook ups since last good working day. Also used different red white yellow cable and no go. Took console to old fashioned tv and connected it and it would not display on the old tv either using the correct input source. I just recently purchased a bunch of wii games... bummed.

CC JJ - Réponse

Were you able to fix the problem? I am having the same problem with my grandsons wiiu

Michelle -

We bought. Wii u and games from someone and wii games all work but the wii u games do not and some of them workes before but aren't now. Why would this happen?

micah_fraley - Réponse

I just purchased a game Metroid prime Trilogy it will not read this disk. The rest of the Wii games work what am I missing

William t parham - Réponse

Hi my wii was working fine enough until I put the fit board on it, now the little hand want appear when pointing remote at sensor... I have tried re syncing everything but it still hasn't helped...

tashakeith1980 - Réponse

Hi.. Most of my games on wii sports resort has a ? on them.. what can I do

sweetwisclady - Réponse

After making update to my consule, which didn't seccied, the wii can't open the home page and only black screen with message of error, do i can make it working as default ?

ormen10 - Réponse

My wii after updating got an error 003. What can i do???

ormen10 - Réponse

If it’s modded u need to in-mod it

ElectronicsAreMyThing EAMT -

I bought a wii from canada and brought it to india now it wont work. It doesn't even turn on. Please help

adityamenonamam9 - Réponse

Hi were you able to get a solution for the problem? I am also planning on using the Wii (bought from USA) in India.

Sandilya Govada -

my wii is on and running but my tv says no signal. how can i be able to play my wii??

Maranda V. - Réponse

I am having the same problem, have you gotten anyone to help you with this yet?

Jamie Colley -

Did you get this fixed? If so, how? Mine started doing the same thing today.

Rhymer0526 -

I may have missed it when going thru this quickly but I get an error "can not connect to internet" for Netflix or any other basic app that should be supported. I have already ensured our wireless router is working and that the wii has been tested with a hardwire lan connector as well! If anyone has run into this and resolved it please help!

kmustang01 - Réponse

I bought a wii in England and brought it to trinidad and when i plug it into my television is turns on but there are lines going up and down the screen.Can you tell me how to fix it

Shannon - Réponse

i have two remotes for wii both of them has issues, A button is not working and for the other one, the 2 button isnt working as well. i dont know what to do please help me.

NashreddeR - Réponse

Hi I've had my wii for a few years now and I still enjoy playing on it when it actually works, the wii will turn on but it doesn't show up on the tv screen, and whenit does it sometimes messes up and changes color or turns off completely. The connection to the tv is okay, I've already checked it, but I would like to play on it again and it just won't come up on the tv for me to do so. What should I do about this??

Jamie Colley - Réponse

Jeez, the power adapter reset worked just like it says, above. Wow, after all this time.......July 20, 2017. Burma Shave

Burma Shave - Réponse

Jeez, the power adapter reset worked just like it says, above. Wow, after all this time.......July 20, 2017. Burma Shave

Burma Shave - Réponse

my wii sometimes makes the screen get brighter and I don't know why. any help? (I also use a really old tv that is a box shape)

erb2818 - Réponse

What should I do when my wii won't turn on, the white box. It's plugged in and everything is in it's correct spot. It turned off last night and won't turn back on.

Mara Peterson - Réponse

My WiiU wasn't used for a couple months and when I got back, all of the sudden the console would power ON, and I could hear the disc spinning up (even though no disc is in there) and it seems like it changes the resolution to my TVs (tried multiple TVs/monitors, tried known-working HDMI and POWER cables as well) but even though the res. seems to change on the TV, the screen stays COMPLETELY BLANK. I've tried everything. To make matters more difficult, the WiiU gamepad was being used on my roommates system last, so it is not synced up to my WiiU so I have no idea how the WiiU Gamepad is acting with this whole fiasco. Appx 2 years ago, we had to send in our WiiU because it froze on the WiiU/Nintendo splash/loading screen after we started playing the WiiU version of Smash Bros. Apparently, this was a known issue and Nintendo had us send it in and repaired the console for somewhere around $150.00 (I could be wrong on that but I'm pretty sure that was the amount.) Does anyone have any advice for me on how to fix?

Klenton G - Réponse

Same but with my Wii

Charlie G -

When we turn on our Wii, we see the warning page. At the bottom of the page it says, "press A to continue".

When we do, nothing happens.


Jim Christiansen - Réponse

Same here. It turns on, and after I press A on the warning screen, then it’s just black and never boots up.

Charlie G -

The power of My Nintendo Wii is bad don't know how to get a new one, am in Cameroon don't know if I could get contacts of home retailers here cause am stocked here with nothing else to do. All the people I meet disagree to sell the single power supply, so please I really need your help while waiting..

Jrarantes Tata - Réponse

Sorry the power supply of my Wii is bad.. Guys

Jrarantes Tata -

I bought super smash bros for the wii and it says I need an original wii controller but I’ve played it at my friends without one and I can’t play it without going and buying one

Cameron Chaffey - Réponse

I've been having trouble the power will turn on but it's a black screen and we bought it offline and they said it's been is easy to get onto you but as soon as we got it it won't do anything and it won't be in sync with a controller

Nancy Wright - Réponse

I found a solution ( it MAY be temporary, or need to be done again). Some of the problems here are very close to the one I had.

Our electrical system was turned off a few times; electrical work was being done in the house. Each time, the Wii had been OFF, but with the circuit back up, the Wii could not turn on successfully. I unplugged the AC converter (at both ends) and left it disconnected well over 2 minutes). No luck. The console appeared to start up, but the first on screen images were scratchy and go off and on (black screen) finally disappearing and the TV stating “NO SIGNAL”. I had been turning the Wii off, and trying again later. What surprisingly worked (Twice. The house elec. work happened over a few days) was after I gave up! and happened to walk away and left the Wii still turned ON. With no image on the screen during all that time, I finally came back and saw that the console had turned itself OFF! Upon turning it back on with the remote, it started up the normal way, and worked fine!

Mike Tuell - Réponse

how long did you have to wait?

Miska Alexia -

My console can accept the Wii Fit disc up to the very first screen but when I clicked START, the screen just went black (with working sound) and has no further message. Wait for minutes and still no display… until everything went quiet as there has no activation… I tried to clean the lense with no result. Otherwise, the console can read other discs without problem.

I really want to play my favourite Wii Fit, please can anyone help?

Haha - Réponse

My Wii says, “An error has occurred. Press the eject button, remove the game disc, and turn the power off. Please read the Wii Operations Manual for more information.” I have tried all that and turning the entire television off, and unplugging the Wii. Nothing is working. What happened?

Izzy Mavis - Réponse

I have problem on my wii, on my television it was written example Error:003 unauthorised device has been detected

agnestan3232 - Réponse

Is it modded? That usually causes it.

ElectronicsAreMyThing EAMT -

all parts are working . the sensor bar is also working and i had put new batteries in the remote . but yet the sensor bar is not receiving signals from the remote

Sharran Nandakumar - Réponse

I have an issue with wii's sound output. Games sound perfect through the component cables, but when I start up the console there is something like a… heartbeat or pulsing sound coming from either my tv, or soundbar. I've tried different cables and different connection methods and it has to be the console.

This pulse goes away after about a minute of loud gameplay, but if I just leave it in Wii's home screen it won't. Is this normal for the Wii?

Eddu Pastelle - Réponse

I will plug my Wii in, and the red light comes on. I use every way possible to turn it on. Each time I try to turn it on the red light turns orange for about one second than goes completely blank. Can someone tell me how to fix this?

ElectronicsAreMyThing EAMT - Réponse

Never mind, it was because a coin in the SD card slot was shorting it out. Once I got out the coin, it worked fine

ElectronicsAreMyThing EAMT -

I have a problem with the Wii console,it happened just last night when I wanted to put Super Mario Sunshine on the Wii,the screen suddenly got switched off and the red light showed up on the Wii console. Now,the screen won't show up whenever I press the power button. Can someone please help me solve this problem?

Khalid Elmi - Réponse

My Wii is receiving power (when plugged it the power button glows red to show that it is off), but it won’t turn on. I’ve tried using the power button on the console and on the remotes, but it just won’t turn on. Any idea how to fix that??

Corinna Hogan - Réponse

My wii would not turn on. So I bought a new cord. Now everything is in black and white.

Nicki Goddard - Réponse

I have a Wii that just won’t cooperate with me. It always make a clicking noise when i insert a disk, the cursor won’t show up on the screen so i have to use a DJ Hero turntable, and half of my games don’t read, not even my newest game. What’s wrong with it?

Steve - Réponse

My console just blinks red and the game pad won't connect. The console won't turn on

nurjahan40 - Réponse

I have 2 wii units same unit. Mine works ok but my friends lights up red on the top light but when I turn the power on it flashes orange then shuts off. Anyone had this problem? Russ

rcamp48 - Réponse

For some reason, my Wii can play my copy of Super Mario galaxy just fine until I try entering Gusty Garden where the “an error occurred" message pops up just before the star selection screen. Do you know what could be causing it to do this to this certain part of the game but not others?

Thewolfpack23x - Réponse

Your disc is likely scratched there so severely that it can't read anything from that section. I've got this with Wii Sports resort, anything to do with Wakeboarding produces that because there is a huge scratch in the disc which is where I presume that data is stored. No fix for this one sadly.

Little Grape -

Connected 110 v to 220v power sorce

now not able to turn it on

ayshoo.k - Réponse

Everything is synced but little hand doesn't come on screen. Help

redace - Réponse

My wii is telling me that it’s unable to read the disc and that I should check the wii operations manual for help troubleshooting but I already friend cleaning the laser lens in the wii and I really want to play on my wii

Lock Shock - Réponse

I've tried the AC adapter reset and my Wii turned on for a minute then shut down again and hasn't turned on for almost a day. The AC adapter hasn't been plugged in to either the wall nor the console for almost a day yet the problem continues. Help please. Is there a way I can get the game stuck inside. Also the console has a red light.

Jaleb Shifflett - Réponse

For some reason when I try to play wii sports it says unable to read disk and I was wondering is there anyway I could fix this without taking my wii apart?

Kay - Réponse

wii turns off and the button becomes yellow .What will I do ?

Muntaham Mahmud - Réponse

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