Nokia 3395 Troubleshooting

The Nokia 3395 is the upgraded version of the Nokia 3390. Coverage is available on AT&T networks (which used to be Cingular).

Nokia 3395 won't turn on ¶ 

Your phone will not turn on.

Battery Issues ¶ 

If your Nokia 3395 will not power on after pressing and holding the power button on top of the device, there is a good chance that the battery is not working. First, charge your phone (use the provided power cord plugged into the wall and phone in the larger circular opening located at the bottom of the phone) for at least one hour. Try turning on the device again. If this does not solve the problem, the battery will need to be replaced. Battery replacement guide.

Phone Charging Issues ¶ 

If replacing your battery has no effect on the ability to turn on your phone, then you might have a bad power plug. To replace the power plug refer to power assembly replacement guide, specifically Step 11.

Bad Logic Board ¶ 

If replacing your battery and power assembly does not fix your problem, then you need to replace your logic board. Please refer to the logic board replacement guide.

Nokia 3395 powers on, but screen does not display ¶ 

Keypad lights up, calls may be placed, but display does not change or show anything.

Screen Problems ¶ 

If the above conditions are met, there is a good chance your screen is broken and needs to be replaced. Check for visible cracks in the screen and/or black LCD "ink" near the screen. If either of these are present you need to replace your screen using the screen replacement guide.

Nokia 3395 makes calls but you cannot hear the caller ¶ 

The phone can make calls but you cannot hear the caller.

Bad/Disconnected Speaker ¶ 

If you cannot hear the caller but the phone displays a connected call, then your ear speaker may be broken or disconnected. First, you need to check if the speaker is connected to the logic board. To get to the speaker refer to inner components guide (specifically Step 13). If it is connected then you must replace the whole ear speaker unit.

Nokia 3395 powers on but will not make calls ¶ 

Your phone turns on, but wil not place or allow you to call.

Bad/Misaligned Keypad ¶ 

If your phone powers on but will not allow you to input numbers or the call button will not place a call chances are that your keypad is broken or not installed properly. To replace or check the keypad, refer to the keypad replacement guide.

Bad Logic Board ¶ 

If your phone powers on, your keypad is in working condition, but still is unable to make calls there might be a problem with the logic board. To replace logic board refer to thee logic board replacement guide.

Nokia 3395 external sounds are not heard ¶ 

Ringtone/speakerphone/phone noises cannot be heard.

Sound Disabled ¶ 

Make sure that the phone's master volume is not on Silent or Vibrate Only. To access this go to the main menu (large center button below screen), then go to sound settings, then to profile and set the phone's master volume to your desire.

Broken Secondary Speaker ¶ 

If external sounds are still inaudible, your secondary speaker is broken and needs to be replaced. Refer to the inner components replacement guide to replace the secondary speaker.

Nokia 3395 does not vibrate ¶ 

Your phone receives calls but does not vibrate.

Vibrating Issues ¶ 

If your phone is set to vibrate, but does not vibrate when a call is received then you might have a broken vibrating mechanism. To replace refer to inner components guide (specifically Step 15).

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