Nokia 8260 Troubleshooting

Your phone won't turn on when you press the "on" button.

Charge your cell phone for at least half an hour before turning it on. You should charge your cell phone all the way before unplugging it.

Your battery is no longer working even after it is charged. You will need to replace the battery with a new one. To learn how to take out and replace the battery, please refer to the repair guide.

A crack on the screen or dust between the screen and the LCD is preventing you from reading your phone clearly.

The screen is cracked and/or broken. Since the screen is part of the front casing, to fix this problem, the entire front casing needs to be replaced. To learn how to take apart your phone and replace the front casing, please refer to the repair guides: speaker and microphone. After removing these parts, the front casing is what's left.

There is dust between the screen-covering and the LCD. The phone will need to be taken apart so you can clean under the screen. When wiping the dust off the back of the screen, make sure you don't scratch the screen. To learn how to get to behind the screen, please refer to the repair guide.

Nothing is appearing on the screen when you turn on your phone.

Check to make sure that there is no damage to the device. If there is no apparent damage, turn off the phone and then turn it back on.

If restarting your phone does not fix the problem, LCD may be broken. It will need to be replaced. To learn how to remove and replace the LCD, please refer to the repair guide.

Images on the screen are fading and becoming illegible.

The phone is growing old so it's parts, such as the circuit board or LCD, are losing their ability to function properly. These parts may be replaced with newer parts. Please refer to the device page to find the right repair guide. However, it is suggested that you just switch to a new phone.

A phone's screen begins to fade when it is exposed to high temperatures. Sometimes the damage is reversible: just keep the phone in a cool temperature until it is back to normal. However in some cases, the damage is permanent. In cases of permanent damage, the LCD will need to be replaced; please refer to the repair guide.

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