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Nook HD Troubleshooting

Will Not Turn On

You cannot boot up your Nook HD.

Drained Battery

The battery may be completely drained of power. Plug the Nook into a wall outlet using the power adapter and the 30-pin cable that came with the device. The Nook HD takes 3-4 hours to achieve a full charge.

Disconnected Battery

The battery may not be installed properly. Remove the battery then reinstall it, this can be done by removing the backplate then unscrewing the battery.

Dead Battery

Purchase and install a replacement battery.

Black Lines or Frozen Pixels on Display

Screen displays frozen pixels or lines.

Video Driver Malfunctioning

Try a soft reset of the device by holding the power button for at least 20 seconds, then release the button. Once the device is powered off, hold the power button again for 2 seconds to turn on the device.

Broken Screen

If the screen shows signs of being physical broken such as by displaying cracks, it will be to be manually replaced.

Not Holding Charge or Charging

Tablet holds only a short charge or cannot be charged.

Battery Issues

The software responsible for maintaining the battery's charge could be miscalibrated. Removing the battery before connecting the Nook to a power source should reset the device.

Broken/Bad Battery

The battery is broken or has become disconnected. First try to reinstall the battery, if that does not work you must replace the battery.

Broken or Unresponsive Screen

Nook HD boots up but the screen displays nothing or is unresponsive.

Unresponsive Screen

Try removing any SD cards and soft reset the device.

Broken Screen

Replace the screen.

Broken or Unresponsive Buttons

Buttons do not move or respond to input.

Soft Reset the Device

Press and hold the power button for at least 20 seconds then release the button. Once the device is powered off, hold the power button again for 2 seconds to turn on the device.

Button Jammed or Out of Alignment

Consult the guide on how to manually fix the broken or jammed button. The device will need to be taken apart in order to realign the button.

Thanks for the soft reset info, Didn't realize the litlle silver button on the top right of the nook was the power button.

mike - Réponse

I was playing a game…it froze up what do I do now?

Linda - Réponse

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