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PSP 1000 Troubleshooting

Find Sony's guide here

Sliding the power switch up and down does not activate PSP system

  • If dirt, grime, or other electrical insulators get in between the battery and the electrical connections, it will inhibit the device from turning on. Try cleaning the connections by wiping them with a Q-tip or by applying compressed air.
  • Check that the battery is charged and properly inserted. Refer to Disassembling and Replacing the Sony PSP-1000 Battery for instructions on Battery maintenance.
  • It is possible the battery may be dead or broken, if the two above suggestions do not work, you may need to replace the battery.

No sound is coming out of the speakers

If you cannot hear any sound coming out of the speakers or headphones, there is a problem with your sound system:

  • The volume may be set to zero, try raising the volume using the volume buttons.
  • The PSP might be on its "mute" setting. Press the sound button on the front of the system to clear the mute setting.
  • The user defined sound settings might have overwritten the sound. Try reseting the default settings on the PSP.
  • If you still hear no sound, there might be interference between the sound port and the speakers. Clean the headphone port connection with compressed air for at least 30 seconds. If the sound still doesn't come on, try using a pipe-cleaner and some rubbing (isopropyl) alcohol.

UMDs will not load

UMDs, like any other disks, can become tarnished or may become difficult to read.

The Universal Media Disks (UMDs)spin inside the system, but are not reading

  • If the UMD is not properly inserted, it will not read. Check that the UMD (Universal Media Disk) is properly inserted (label is facing the system rear). Try taking out the UMD and reinserting it.
  • If the UMD is dirty or scratched, it may have trouble reading. Check that the UMD recorded surface is clean. If not, wipe it gently with a soft cloth.
  • If the disk casing has unsnapped, gently push the clear hard plastic of the UMD disk (not the tape of the disk, the casing) to snap the case back together.
  • If game still does not load, push the silver disk tray very carefully towards the casing wall. Be very careful! The disk tray is easily breakable. Gently push on the silver tray. Pushing the tray will secure the disk closer to the reader.

UMD gets stuck inside the system

  • If dirt or dust gets in between the tray, UMD, and reader; the UMD might get stuck in the tray. Use a Q-Tip to gently clean the dirt and or grime off of the disk and tray.

Buttons do not respond appropriately

Buttons get stuck when they are pushed down

The PSP buttons can easily become sticky or difficult to press down.

  • If dirt accumulates around the buttons, they will be difficult to use. Use compressed air to clean around the buttons to make sure there is no dirt or grime around them.
  • If the compressed air does not work, make sure the PSP is not powered and the battery is removed. Then use a cloth and rubbing alcohol to clean the rubber surface under the buttons, dry well, and close the case. Refer to Repairing and Maintaining Sony PSP-1000 Buttons for instructions on opening the case and cleaning the buttons from the inside.
  • If the casing is too tight or too loose, the analog stick may malfunction. Unscrew the casing, and screw it back in slowly, testing every so often, until proper function is restored.

Memory Card does not work

The Memory Stick Pro Duo is the PSP's principle method for information storage. The following problems with the Memory Stick may happen:

Memory Stick Pro Duo cannot be read and/or recognized

  • If the Memory Stick Pro Duo was formatted by a PC, the system may not recognize it. After backing-up data to a PC, re-format the Memory Stick Pro Duo using the PSP system. This can be done by connecting the PSP to your computer, and using the Media Synchronizing software the PSP comes with.
  • Check that the Memory Stick Pro Duo is properly inserted. Try taking out the Memory Stick Pro Duo and reinserting it. The Memory Stick should have the chip facing the inside of the PSP, and the logo facing up.
  • Check that the Memory Stick Pro Duo connector is clean. It should not be dusty or have particles attached to it. If not, the data may not load properly. Wipe the connector with a cotton swab.
  • Make sure that the organization of files on the Memory Stick Pro Duo follows the parameters set by Sony. For instance, all music files must be located under folder titled "Music" and video files located in a folder titled "Video". (The music folder can be divided into sub-sets of folders, but video can not.)

Memory Stick Pro Duo is detected, but new memory cannot be written

  • Check that there is sufficient free space (at least 60 KB) on the Memory Stick Pro Duo to save data.
  • There may be a problem with the Memory Stick Pro Duo. Try using another Memory Stick Pro Duo, if available.

What if you have a psp phat that dies after 1 hour and 30 minutes of playing it. When it dies if you let it sit for five minutes before plugging it in it resets it in such a way that it asks for me to reset the time and date. I have tried replacing the motherboard, battery, and charger. Should I just buy another one or is there something that causes this.

Nicky - Réponse

my psp 1001 turns on but the LCD will not

Gyyio Animations - Réponse

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