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Palm IIIc Troubleshooting

Palm IIIc won't turn on

No matter what you do, you can't get your organizer to turn on.

Screen Brightness Is Turned Off

If your device does not seem to respond when buttons are pressed, or appears to not turn on, there may be a quick fix. If the brightness is turned down too far, the screen may appear to be off when the device is actually functioning properly. Press the brightness control button and adjust the brightness.

Device Battery Is Dead Or Has Gone Bad

After attempting to adjust the brightness, if the screen still seems to be having trouble turning on the problem may be slightly more complicated. The battery for your device might be drained, or have gone bad. First try charging your device in its cradle. If that doesn't work the battery might need to be replaced.

The Device Display Has Gone Bad

After attempting to recharge and replace the battery, if your device still will not turn on, it may be the screen itself that is malfunctioning. The screen could be damaged by water or some other outside source. Try replacing the screen.

Palm IIIc won't charge

When you place your organizer in the cradle, it does not recharge.

Device Is Not Seated Correctly

If the organizer is not properly seated in its charger, it will not properly charge. Check to see that your device is properly settled in it's cradle. If it is loose or sliding out of place this may be the problem.

Wires Are Not All Properly Attatched

If the wires of your device are not all properly plugged in your device will not charge. Check all of the wires that atattch to the back of the cradle and to the wall to make sure they are complete connected. If they are loose, this may be why your device is not charging.

Device Is Not Set To The Right Mode

If your screen is on or the device is functioning, then it has not been turned off properly. The organizer will not charge properly unless it is fully turned off.

Touch Screen is not working

Your touch screen is either not responding, or buttons activate the wrong feature.

The Organizer Did Not Start Up Properly

If the touch screen is not responding at first, it may have been a simple problem of the device not starting properly. To see if this is the case try restarting and see if the problem persists.

The Screen Is Not Calibrated Correctly

If the problem is not that the screen won't respond, but that it is misinterpreting your commands, the device may need to be calibrated again.

Screen is Frozen

The screen on your device is frozen and unresponsive.

The Device Did Not Start Properly

If the screen is being unresponsive, it may be a sign that the device did not start up properly. To know if this is the problem, try restarting and see if the problem persists.

Other Electronic Devices Are Interfering

If restarting the device did not solve the problem, it may be that other signals are making the organizer malfunction. Other electronic devices, such as your computer, may be interfering with your device. Move away from any possible interferences.

The Device Circuitry Is Malfunctioning

Unfortunately, if none of the other solutions have fixed the problem the problem may be more serious. The circuitry of the device may be malfunctioning, in which case a complete system restart is necessary.

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