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Palm IIIx Troubleshooting

My Palm IIIx won't turn on

There is a problem with the device that will not allow it to turn on.

Bad batteries

First check the orientation of the batteries and make sure they are input correctly. The Palm IIIx uses two AAA batteries and they may be past their lifespan, so try replacing them with two new batteries. A guide to replace the batteries can be found here.

Water damage

A faded or blank screen usually indicates that the motherboard has been exposed to water. Try putting the motherboard into a bag of rice for two days (this will extract any water from the motherboard). Help on removing the mother board can be found here.

Bad/Disconnected Power Button

It is possible that the power button has gone bad or that it is not connected to the logic board. A guide to replace the power button can be found here.

Bad Display

If the display is cracked, pixelated, or even blank the display needs to be replaced.

Software issues

Almost all software problems can be solved by following these simple steps:

Restart your Palm IIIx

By turning the Palm off and then back on you can resolve many software problems.

Update your Palm IIIx software

There are often many problems with the software and this can be fixed with a software update. To update your Palm IIIx first connect it to your computer and download the newest software version here. Be sure to use new batteries because the software update will significantly drain the battery. It is not good to run out of power in the middle of the update.

I can't synchronize the Palm IIIx with my desktop

Restarting your Palm IIIx and updating your software did not fix the problem.


There are many different variables that affect the Palm IIIx's compatibility with other devices. If a problem occurs while using HotSync technology, follow the simple guidelines on the Palm website.

PC connection requirements

The PC connecting to the Palm IIIx must have at least 16 MB of RAM and 20 MB of hard drive space.

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