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Panasonic SA-PM17 Troubleshooting

CD Player Unit is not Functioning Properly

The CD tray consits of a series of gears that operate various levers that can retract any disc tray, depending on the level that the lever is at.

CD Trays are Stuck

1. If the EJECT button does not retract the current disc tray, try switching the stereo power OFF. Turn the stereo back ON and if the trays do not automatically retract, press the EJECT button again.

2. You may also try jiggling the trays gently as one of the gears may be jammed.

3. If none of these work, you may also manually push the tray back into the device if it allows it. Then turn it off and back on and try to eject the tray.

If the problem persists, you may need to consult our Repair Guide, which will allow you to locate potential hardware problems and remove the unit for replacement. This will give you an in depth explanation along with pictures of how to dismantle the device and locate the issue.

CD Tray Cover is Broken

The CD tray cover should open and close accordingly to protect discs inside the stereo and and allow you to switch discs within each tray. It should also display an LED light.

1. If the disc tray does not open properly, the disc trays may be jammed inside of the stereo, which will prevent them from pushing the cover open.

2. If the disc tray does not retract properly, the springs located on the tray's hinges may be broken or improperly aligned.

3. If the LED light is not displayed, the flat, white wire attached to the bottom of the cover may be detached.

4. The LED light within the display itself may have burned out and may need to be replaced. Unless you have sautering material though, you will have to replace the whole CD tray cover.

To disassemble the stereo and locate potential problems, visit our Repair Guide Page.

Problems with the Tape Player

Tape Player Cover is Broken

If the tape player cover is malfunctioning or has broken off completely, probably the best thing to do it simply replace it. Consult our Repair Guide to replace the cover.

Tape Player is Malfunctioning

Take the tape out of the device and turn the power off. Then power it back on and press play, rewind, or fast-forward. If the device engages, runs for a few seconds, and then stops and displays "NO TAPE," then it should work properly. If it continues to malfunction, consult our Repair Guide to replace the Tape Player Unit.

No Sound

There are many places you can check if your device is not producing any sound.


Turn up the volume.


The speaker cords may be shorted. Turn the unit off, then check and correct the connections and turn the unit back on.


In the back of the device you will find the connections that connect the wires from the speaker to the device. Make sure that the wires are clearly stripped, and no plastic is between the wires and the connectors. Twist the wires to ensure optimal connectivity.

Wrong Connections

Only one wire (black or red) may be connected to the connectors. Make sure each wire is connected to its respective connector.

Sound is Unfixed, Reversed or Comes from One Speaker Only


Check the speaker connections and refer to the above solutions for No Sound, as some of the solutions may relate.

Humming Heard During Play

An AC power supply cord or fluorescent light is near the cables. Keep other appliances and cords away from this unit's cables. Also make sure that the device is kept within the temperatures of 50 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit to ensure optimal performance.

Messages Displayed on Screen

"ERROR" is Displayed

Incorrect operation performed. Read the instructions and try again.

"--:--" appears on the display

You plugged the AC power supply cord in for the first time or there was a power failure recently. Set the time.

"F61" is Displayed

Check and correct the speaker cord connections. If this does not fix the problem, there is a power supply problem. Consult the dealer.

how do you set the time

Carol - Réponse

Systems is ON but no Any function Like AUXILIARY Or volume control

Hamza Ejaz - Réponse

What is code F76?

Kim Sullivan - Réponse

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