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RCA Small Wonders Camcorder CC176 Troubleshooting

Viewfinder displays are out of focus

Before smashing your camera in frustration, read on!

Lens is smudged, and image appears unfocused

Take a dry cloth to the front of the lens in an attempt to clean it. After cleaning, take a look through the lens to check the focus of the image

Eyepiece focus control is maladjusted

Try turning the black dial at the front of the eyepiece to put the image into focus. Keep turning different directions until the image appears in the focus you're looking for.

Poor brightness and contrast of the image

The small BRIGHT and CONTRAST controls on the bottom of the viewfinder control the brightness and contrast of the viewfinder. These controls have been set at the factory and should require no adjustment. If the brightness or contrast of the viewfinder ever does require adjustment, carefully remove the small plastic cover and use a plastic screwdriver. Make the adjustments with caution to prevent damaging the miniature controls. Replace the plastic cover.

Sound is too low or distorted

Subject is too far from camera

Get closer to the subject you are attempting to record. This will allow an easier pathway for the sound from the subject to the camera and the sound you record will be clearer.

Camera won't turn on

no matter what you do, your camera won't turn on.

Dead battery

If your camera isn't turning try charging the battery. If the battery hadn't been used in awhile the CHG indicator light on the adapter may take a couple minutes to turn on. Make sure to leave the battery on the charge adapter until the END comes on.

Battery not properly in place

First, detach the battery by pressing and holding the BATTERY RELEASE button on the camcorder while sliding the battery to the left and off the camcorder. After you have the battery properly off the battery attach it by aligning the reference mark on the battery with the mark on the back of the camcorder. Then Hold the battery flush against the camcorder and slide it in the direction of the arrow, Finally, slide the POWER switch to turn on the camcorder. The POWER indicator will light.

AC adapter/charger not on

If your camera isn't holding power while plugged into your AC adapter/charger make sure that it is plugged into a working outlet.

Tape stops during rewind or fast forward

No worries, there is a simple check for this.

Time counter memory

Whenever an "M" appears with the time counter display, the camcorder will stop rewinding (or fast forwarding) when counter reads M 0:00:00 . Press REW/EDIT SEARCH - or FF/EDIT SEARCH + button again to continue rewinding or fast forwarding, or press the C. MEMORY button to turn off the memory-stop feature.

Poor auto-focus operation

Subject is dark or behind glass

Auto-focus may not work under these conditions. Press the FOCUS button, and focus manually.

Subject is not in center of viewfinder or two subjects are at different distances

Press the FOCUS button, and focus manually.

Auto focus automatically turns off

While some effects are selected with the SCENE SELECT AE dial the auto focus defaults to off. When this occurs just press the FOCUS button to turn on auto focus.

Battery wont charge

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Why wont my battery charge, light just stays red.

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