The Raleigh m20 Mountain Bike is a hybrid Mountain Bike. Troubleshooting is fairly straightforward due to the commonality of the bicycle.

The rear rack is loose or damaged.

If your rear rack is loose, you need to tighten the top screws. Use your hand and level the rear rack. Once it is level with the tire, use a philips screw driver to tighten the screws on top of the rear rack.

If your rear rack is damage, you may want to replace it. Refer to the Rear Rack Installation Guide for information on how to remove the old rear rack and install a new one.

Your handlebars aren't centered or are bent out of place.

If your handlebars are out of alignment with the front wheel, (not physically bent), loosen the stem bolt. Then straighten the bars to the front wheel and re-tighten the stem bolt securely.

If the aluminum handles bars bend slightly, try to straighten them yourself with a vice or grip. Keep an eye on the area near the bar clamps because if they break that would be the place where stress risers would develop. If the bend is beyond repair, replace with a new set of handlebars using the Handlebar Repair Guide.

Unlike aluminum handlebars, steel handlebars cannot be bent back into place. This issue requires referring to the Handlebar Repair Guide.

Your pedal is not rotating, is making a strange noise, or is worn.

If you hear a clicking sounds when pedaling, it means that your pedal has come loose and it needs to be tightened. Take a crescent wrench and tighten the pedal bolt clockwise until firmly in place.

If the pedal is damaged beyond repair or worn out, then it needs to be replaced. Refer to the Pedal Repair Guide for instructions concerning pedal replacement.

Your chain guard, covering front gears, is cracked or damaged.

If the chain guard has become cracked, it is recommended to replace it using the Chain Guard Repair Guide. If the chain guard does not does not directly affect the gears or derailleur, it is still recommended for safety that you replace it.

If the chain guard is damaged, bent, or shattered it will affect the gears or the derailleur. Refer to the Chain Guard Repair Guide for instructions.

The seat has been ripped, worn out by the elements, or completely destroyed.

If your seat fabric is ripped or torn, it will be uncomfortable or even unusable. Refer to the Seat Installation Guide for instructions installing your new seat cushion.

If the seat has been destroyed by fire, excessive rain, or an accident, it is recommended that you replace the seat cushion with a new one using the Seat Installation Guide for safety purposes.

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