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Samsung Chromebook 2 Troubleshooting

Model Number: XE500C12-K01US. Released: 2014.

Chromebook Doesn’t Connect to the Internet

You can't get your Chromebook to connect to a wireless network.

Wi-Fi Disabled

Once logged into your Chromebook, make sure that Wi-Fi is enabled from the status area where your account picture appears. Your device will automatically search for networks to connect to. Check to see that the network you wish to join is available.

Incorrect Wi-Fi Password

If required for the network, check that the Wi-Fi password you have entered is correct. There is a "Show Password" option for you to guarantee the characters match.

Chromebook Performance is Slower Than Usual

Your Chromebook appears to be operating at a reduced speed.

Too Many Browser Tabs Open

Close old tabs no longer in use, and see if your performance improves.

A Reset is Required

Click the status area where your account picture appears, and select "shut down." Then press the power button to restart your Chromebook. System updates that improve performance may be applied once restarted.

Chromebook Requires a Power Wash

A data backup is recommended before proceeding with this step. A data backup guide can be found here. Sign out of your account, and proceed to press and hold Ctrl+Alt+Shift+R. Click the Restart button. A box will appear - select the Reset option and follow the prompts.

Chromebook Won’t Turn On

You can't get your Chromebook to turn on and it shows no signs of turning on.

Faulty Wall Outlet

The outlet you are using to charge the computer may not be working correctly. You can check to see if the outlet is working by plugging in another device. If the other device does not charge either, then the wall outlet is most likely broken. Try plugging the charger into another outlet. Let the Chromebook charge for 1-2 hours and try turning it on again.

Charger is Broken

If the light on the actual charger does not light up, then it may be broken. You can purchase a replacement charger from various websites.

Faulty Battery

If the Chromebook only remains on while plugged in or does not hold a charge long, this may be a sign of a faulty battery that needs to be replaced.

Samsung Chromebook 2 Battery Replacement.

Trackpad is not Clicking or Registering

Pressing or swiping on the trackpad doesn't have any effect.

Trackpad is Hampered by Dirt or Dust

Press on the trackpad and apply pressure for 30 seconds on the area that isn’t functioning. If the problem persists, then dust or dirt may be in the way. Try spraying the edges of the trackpad with an air dusting product. If that does not work, apply rubbing alcohol to something with a thin edge and clean around the edges of the trackpad.

Samsung Chromebook 2 Trackpad Replacement.

Escape Key Reset

Press the trackpad multiple times in multiple locations, tap the escape key several times, and restart computer. If none of these methods work, then factory resetting the computer might be needed.

Faulty Trackpad

If cleaning around the trackpad does not work and neither does reseting it, there may be an issue with the trackpad and it may need to be replaced.

Screen Display is Blank

Your screen is too dark or doesn't show anything at all.

Display Light Turned Down

Your display light may be set too low. Press the eighth key in the top row to turn the brightness up. The key has a display of the sun.

Needs to be Reset

Hold down the power button and do not remove your finger for 60 seconds. Then remove your finger and press the power button again to turn it back on. Once the computer powers back on, the screen should as well.

Screen is Broken

If your Chromebook power light is on, and the brightness is all the way up, the screen could be broken and may need to be replaced. If you use an HDMI cord to plug the Chromebook into an external screen and it works, that may be another indicator that the Chromebook screen needs to be replaced.

Samsung Chromebook 2 Screen Replacement.

Keyboard Keys Won’t Work

Pressing the keys on your keyboard doesn't do anything.

Sticking because of Dirt

If you press a key and it does not go back into place immediately, there may be something on the sides of your keys causing them to stick. First try spraying the keyboard with an air dusting product thoroughly as it may be easily fixed. If something is lodged in the keyboard or stuck under the keys you will need to clean it. However, if one of the keys is jammed and no longer springs, you need to replace the rubber that is stuck under that key. The function of the rubber is to pop up the keys.

Samsung Chromebook 2 Key Cap Replacement.

Faulty Keyboard

If the keys are not responding when being pressed, and there is nothing blocking them, then your keyboard may be broken and need to be replaced.

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