Sega Game Gear Troubleshooting

The Sega Game Gear, a portable version of the Master System, was Sega's first hand-held game console.

Gamegear won't turn on ¶ 

Battery Issues ¶ 

First, make sure the batteries are intact. Second, if your batteries have been used for around 5 hours, it has depleted all its energy. Simply replace the old batteries with new ones.

Contains new batteries, but still won't turn on ¶ 

Use the AC adapter provided with the game gear to power the console, make sure you are using the correct model number (2103). Using the wrong AC adapter may result in damage to your unit.

Audio Issues ¶ 

Simple Fix ¶ 

Plug in a headphone compatible with 3.5mm audio jack onto the console. The sound will now come out of the headphone instead of the game gear.

Hard Fix ¶ 

Often if the speakers emit little to no sound but the headphones work fine, a capacitor needs replacing. See Note.

Getting Scrambled Picture ¶ 

Brightness Control ¶ 

Adjust the brightness control dial located on the left side of the game gear to help reduce the problem.

Interference with other electronics ¶ 

Try moving away it from other electronic devices, such as: television, radio, cell phone, or any other type of electric interference.

Buttons Not Working ¶ 

Clean the button contacts on the logic board. If the carbon has worn down you can spray the buttons with a miniscule amount of carbon type paint that is commonly used to fix car window defrosters.

Additional Info ¶ 

Electrical knowledge will be needed to fix the faulty capacitor, here is a video that will guide you to fixing and replacing the capacitor.

I just recently got a used Game Gear and it works great except the brightness knob keeps coming off. Can you recommend a method of putting it back on permanently? Thanks.

alfredscudiero - Réponse

I have a game gear that was unused for quite a while, there were batteries in it that exploded. I cleaned the battery terminals. and put new batteries in. Now it only powers on for a second and shuts off. What can I do?

michaelcarter6 - Réponse

I have the same problem

TheCakeIsALie -

I think this has to do with dried out capacitors. "Recap" and it should work again.


What do you mean "recap"?

Nick Mancini -

My game gear has a green screen that I have to tilt up to see colour picture. How do you reach the backgrounds LCD or fix it?

Dat boi - Réponse

I need help with my game gear I changed all capacitors and it came on for a sec I noticed the blue part next to the screen is sparking a little only when on help please

Bigyeti - Réponse

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