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The Nostalgia Electrics Retro Series Mini Hot Air Popcorn Popper Model RHP-310 1040

Burnt Kernels

Individual kernels are black and un-popped.

Too Many Kernels

If the popcorn is coming out burnt and un-popped, you may have loaded too many kernels into the kettle. Check the instructions on the box to make sure you have the correct number of kernels loaded into the kettle.

Overheating Motor

If the popcorn is coming out black, your motor may be too hot. Turn off popper and let it sit for one hour. Then try to pop popcorn again. If the motor is still overheating, you have to replace the motor. See the replacing motor guide for more details.

Broken Motor

If the kernels are un-popped, the motor inside the popper may be malfunctioning. You will need to replace the motor. See the replacing motor guide for more details.

Jammed Fan

If the fan has become jammed, there maybe debris stuck inside the fan. You will have to take apart the popper and clean the debris out. See the break down instructions for more details.

Cracked Housing

Outside casing is broken.

Small Break

If there is a crack in the device, you may have damaged the outer housing unit during set up. Check if device will run without fixing the device. If the product will not pop popcorn, the insulation of object could be damaged. Use epoxy to patch broken parts or cracks in housing.

Large Break

If there is a large crack in the housing, there may be too much damage to exterior for spot treatment. If so, the outside housing will need replacing.

Broken Power Switch

The power switch is broken.

Electrical Failure

If the device will not turn on, make sure that the device is plugged in correctly. Check to make sure that the device is plugged in to an electrical outlet.

Faulty Wiring

If plugging in the device does not work, there could be an issue with the wiring either inside or outside the device. Check the power cable that leads into the base of the device for a connection failure. If everything seems fine, you may need to check the internal wiring or replace the Power Switch.

Smoke and Burning Smell

Smoke or a burning smell is coming from the device.

Too Many Kernels

If there is a burning smell coming from the device, there may be too many kernels in the container which would cause over cooking. You may wish to turn off the device, lift the lid, and carefully remove excess kernels from the housing.

Overheating Motor

If the device is hot to the touch, the device's electric motor may be malfunctioning causing it to overheat. To repair, unscrew the bottom cover and remove the motor [See removing motor guide]. If the motor is damaged beyond simple repairs, a replacement motor is needed.

Jammed Fan

If the device is not blowing hot air properly, a loose part or kernel may have jammed the fan causing insufficient air flow over the heating coils. The coil will then overheat which would cause smoke or a burning smell. To fix remove the fan and clear it of loose objects.

Grinding Sounds

Unusual sounds are coming from the device.

Loose Part

If there is a loose part in the popcorn maker, the part will have to be reinstalled. Check to make sure that the fan hasn’t come loose from the motor by removing the bottom of the device. If the fan will no longer stay on the motor, the motor needs replacing.

Jammed Fan

If the fan has become jammed, the fan will have to be cleaned out. The fan can become jammed by small kernels that fall through the cup vents. Remove the fan and clean out any kernels that might have been there.

Broken Motor

If the motor is not functioning properly, it can make a grinding sound. The motor may have overheated at some point during use. Check to make sure no wires have become unattached by looking at the bottom of the device. If all the wires are still attached and in good condition, you may have to replace the motor with a new one.

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