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Wiki réalisé avec l'aide d'étudiants

Un étudiant hors pair de notre programme d'éducation a rédigé ce wiki. Il n'est pas géré par le personnel d'iFixit.

The Laptop Will Not Turn On

The laptop no longer powers on even when fully charged.

Faulty Power Adapter

Be sure to check if the power adapter is plugged in correctly to the wall and into the laptop. If it is plugged in correctly then the charge light should come on. If the charger light does not com on then the adapter is faulty and a new one must be replaced.

Faulty Battery

If the charge light on the device comes on it only powers on when it is plugged in then the battery is faulty. Try using this guide (link to be added later)

The CD/DVD Not Working

Your Toshiba Satellite C55-A5310 will not read CDs/DVDs.

Faulty Headphone Jack

Make sure the headphone jack is inserted all the way. Revise it with headphones or the computer speakers, sometimes it can be the headphones not working instead.

Optical Drive Replacement

Possible underlying causes is when the device won't read CDs/DVDs inserted, then your optical drive may need to be replaced. Try using this guide (link to be added later)

Blue Screen

Computer suddenly crashing and displaying a blue screen.

Dust build up

Consider purchasing a can of compressed air and applying it to the surface of your device. Another useful cleaning tool can be a toothbrush.

Defective RAM

Getting memory dumps, can also mean that the RAM is likely to be defective. In order to verify it is the RAM consider cleaning out your device first before investing in a new RAM. Once purchased you can follow the guidelines for replacement. Try using this guide (link to be added later)

The Laptop overheats

When you can not hear or feel air coming from Toshiba Satellite C55-A5310 you will need to replace the fan.

Defective Fan

Possible underlying causes is overheating. Replace the fan. Try using this guide (link to be added later)

Dust Built Up

Use a toothbrush to clean off the fan.

The Keyboard or The Keys Are Not Responding

The Keys on your keyboard will not respond or are broken or missing.

Faulty Keyboard

If the keyboard does not respond when pressing any of the keys then it will need to be replace it. Try using this guide (link to be added later)

Jammed Keys

The keys could be pushed inward. You will need to in jam the keys.

Palm Rest is lifted or buckled

When the palm rest on the Toshiba Satellite C55-A5310 has become damaged and it can buckle and it will need to be replaced.

Palm Rest Repair

Possible underlying causes is when there is physical damage apparent. Replace the palm rest. Try using this guide (link to be added later)

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