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Laptop Won't Turn On

There is no response at all from pressing the power button.


If your laptop will not turn on or turns on then suddenly turns off, check to make sure the battery is fully installed and charged. If the battery needs replacing follow the Battery Installation Guide.

Damaged Power Cable

If the laptop is plugged in and still will not start or will turn on then suddenly turn off, check that the power cable is fully plugged into the laptop and that the cord is not frayed. Also check the connections between the power brick and the rest of the cord to make sure it hasn't loosened.

Power Supply

Make sure the DC converter power cord is plugged into both the laptop and an outlet and all connections are snug.

Wall Outlet

Make sure the wall outlet is working, ie: supplying current.

Laptop is Slow

When putting your laptop under the load of multiple tasks, such as running multiple programs, it slows down and maybe even becomes unresponsive.

CPU is just too Slow

Your laptop's CPU may not be designed for heavy multitasking.

Low on RAM

Your laptop may not have enough RAM(Random Access Memory) needed to perform multiple tasks simultaneously. If you want to increase your laptop's ability to multitask, you may want to expand its RAM using the expansion slots located on the motherboard. Refer to the RAM Installation Guide for a detailed RAM expansion process.

Laptop Heats Up

When under normal operating conditions, your laptop begins to heat up.

Blocked Fan Vents

Before taking apart your laptop, make sure the vents are not blocked.

Broken Fan

If the vents were not blocked and the room temperature was not extreme and you cannot hear any whirling sounds when placing your ear close to the exhaust vents on the rear of the laptop, the fan may be broken. To replace or repair the fan follow the Cooling Fan Repair Guide.


The most used and abused part of any laptop after the mouse, the keyboard is a good first place to check.

Keys are Sticky

Something may have been spilled on the keyboard. Try cleaning under the keys.

Key is broken

You can attempt to repair one key by itself but most likely you'll need to replace the keyboard. Follow the keyboard replacement guide.

Keyboard doesn't respond

Your computer may be busy. Confirm that they keyboard is the problem by attaching an external one or verifying the mouse still works. If the integrated keyboard is still not working, follow the keyboard replacement guide.

Laptop Turns on, but there is Nothing on the Display(screen)

You can hear the laptop's hardware, such as the hard drive or the fan spinning, but the display stays off and/or unlit.

Bad Display

It is possible that there is a physical problem with the display and it needs to be replaced.

Booting Error

It's possible that an error occurred with Windows Vista and the laptop didn't boot correctly. Try restarting the computer.

Damaged Interior Faceplate

"The laptop's interior plastic covering is scratched or broken. It also covers many important internal components"

Keyboard Sticking Out

Sometimes, after being dropped, the keyboard can become dislodged. Try pushing it back into place gently until you hear a snap.

Faceplate is Dirty

To clean the faceplate, use a diluted windex or glass cleaner solution. One part windex to two parts water will keep the laptop from being damaged. Make sure to completely power off the laptop first and apply the cleaning solution to a microfiber cloth, then wipe down the plastic. After fully dry, it is safe to turn the laptop back on.


The only real solution here is to replace the panel. For step by step instructions follow this guide.

CD/DVD Drive Stops Working

The CD/DVD drive won't eject or stops working.

Currently In Use

Sometimes a background process on your laptop will be using the drive and is still shutting down. Make sure no programs are accessing the drive and try ejecting again.

No Power

The drive could be powered down. Verify that it appears as a device in the windows device manager and the external light is visible. If it is not on, the internal power connection may be faulty. Follow the CD/DVD drive installation guide to repair it.

Will Not Eject

The drive could be jammed and will have to manually be opened. Follow the CD/DVD drive installation guide to open the computer and retrieve the drive which can then be opened.

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