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Welcome to the iFixit
Translation Project

Hi, we’re iFixit, the global repair community. We have over 100,000 step-by-step guides to help people repair their stuff—and we’re glad you’re here!

Our translation project aims at providing as many localized repair manuals as we can in the best possible quality. It’s specifically designed to give students studying languages the chance to gain real-world experience in technical translation and team up in order to help thousands of people around the world saving money, saving the environment, connecting to their things, and ditching the throwaway economy.

We’re also officially partnering with university language departments to bring community engagement and a meaningful service learning experience to the university classroom. If you are an educator interested in involving your students in this project or using it in your class, reach out to

When you first join our community of volunteers, your translations won’t be published immediately, but reviewed by administrators or users with high reputation before they go live. This process is called patrolling and you’ll be informed whether your translation was accepted or denied as you will receive a notification. If your translation is accepted, you’ll be able to compare the live version with your original translation and see where changes have been made. Upon request, we’ll give you personalized feedback to help you grow. If you do well, we’ll write you a recommendation letter for your future employers.


  1. Create a profile and fill the “about” section: We want to know what makes you a great addition to the repair community—and give you the possibility to showcase yourself in our network.
  2. Read the translator guidelines and remember that our proofreaders will reject machine translations.
  3. Learn how it works: We’ve put together a how-to wiki here.
  4. Start translating! Here’s a list of guides and wikis that need translations.