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Voici quelques outils couramment utilisés pour travailler sur cet appareil. Vous ne devriez pas avoir besoin de tous les outils pour chaque procédure.

Note: This monitor uses a TN panel. It does not support IPS.

Calibration issues (Mac only)

This monitor may have problems with color accuracy in Mac OS X. On the Device page author's test setup, the original calibration was in need of correction since the colors were way off in a Mac OS X 10.6 environment.

This did not reoccur in 10.9, but the monitor was previously corrected to fix the issue in 10.6, which is likely why. Since it is likely yours will also be off, calibration may be required. In addition, every monitor will be slightly different in terms of how much correction is needed.

Calibration correction options

Auto adjust

Note: This does not work over a digital connection (Ex: DVI, HDMI, DP). VGA only.

This can be done as a primary or supplemental fix. This works better with a calibrated profile as a baseline, but it is not required to get good results.

Software calibration

This option is the only solution over a digital connection in short of a hardware calibrator.

If you are using a digital connection, the only way to correct the color is through calibration. There are paid and free utilities that can be used and both will work equally if you just need to correct the color profile for passable accuracy. On a Mac, this can be done with the Apple Calibration utility. There are better options, but this is sufficient in many cases.

In order to get the best results, the monitor should be set to a 2.2 color gamut as a starting baseline. In some cases, you will need to increase or lower this, as every panel will be unique. Increase or decrease this as you see appropriate.

If the 2.2 color gamut works, this is sufficient to clean the colors up for general usage.

Hardware calibration

This option is typically hard to justify for this class of monitor or you are sensitive to minor calibration inaccuracies, but it will produce the best result. This option is only recommended if you own a monitor worth using hardware calibration on. Furthermore, the calibrator MUST support TN panels.

Only select this option if you are picky about the color accuracy. The TN color gamut available generally does not justify the cost of a hardware calibration tool.


  • Aspect ratio:
    • 16:10
  • Resolution:
    • 1680x1050
  • Panel size:
    • 22"
  • Input:
    • DVI (HDCP)
    • VGA
  • Power supply:
    • AC 120-240V
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