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Voici quelques outils couramment utilisés pour travailler sur cet appareil. Vous ne devriez pas avoir besoin de tous les outils pour chaque procédure.


For help on any trouble you may be experiencing, here is the Air Fryer's Chefman RJ38-V2-35 Troubleshooting Page.

Background and Identification

The Chefman RJ38-V2-35 is a large 3.5 liter Air Fryer with a flat basket. This is a device that can be use to produces a variety of foods. Various in temperature ranges from 175-400°F, along with removable basket and tank are dishwasher safe. The Chefman RJ38-V2-35 has high ratings on multiple sites and favorable reviews left by buyers. It's model number could be found at the bottom of the machine.

The Chefman RJ38-V2-35 has been outdated by many later models. However, due to it's major features such as the temperature knob lay flat on the top, seperating from the timer knob locating on top of the removeable basket. When these features are malfunctions, there can be solutions, that are simple and easy to follow. With replacement guides, this product can once again be useful in the daily life.

Additional Information

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*Chefman Air Fryer Guide

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