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Troubleshooting information for some of the more common problems associated with the Chef'sChoice® Model 677 and 677SSG (all stainless steel) Kettle can be found at:

Chef'sChoice® Model 677 Troubleshooting Page

Background and Identification

Verifying the Kettle Model Number

Block Image

You can verify that your kettle is the Chef'sChoice® Model 677 Cordless Kettle by examining the sticker on the underside of the kettle (refer to the image to the right). The text on the label should read:

Chef'sChoice® International
Cordless Electrical Kettle Model 677
EdgeCraft Corporation
Avondale, PA 19311 U.S.A.
120 V AC 60 Hz 1500 W

This same information is available on a similar label on the underside of the kettle baseplate. The baseplate has a cord that plugs into the wall unit and supports the kettle.

The device information provided here, as well as the troubleshooting and repair guides, also apply to the all-stainless steel version of the kettle, Model 677SSG.

As indicated on the label, the kettle is designed for use on a 120 Volt AC, 60 Hertz, electrical system. It uses 1500 watts of power; consequently, at peak power consumption it will draw 12.5 amps.

Basic Description of Operation

The Chef'sChoice® Model 677 Cordless Kettle works a lot like a standard tea kettle, just more efficiently. Unlike the stove burner that loses energy to the surrounding air, essentially all of the heat from the heating element in the base of the cordless kettle is directed into the water.

Block Image

The block diagram to the right supports the following explanation of operation of the kettle. Components in the drawing are identified below in parentheses.

The kettle is controlled by one switch, the ON/OFF switch at the base of the kettle handle (HAND SW). This switch is controlled in two ways: manually by you; or automatically by the kettle thermostat (THERM), when the water boils. The thermostat is a bimetallic disc enclosed in the switch housing (MANUAL SWITCH UNIT). When heated, one side of the disc expands faster than the other, distorting the disc like an umbrella turned inside out in the wind. This action mechanically operates the ON/OFF switch, turning off the heating element (HEATER ELEMENT). The ON/OFF switch operates an indicating light (LAMP): when lit, it indicates that electricity is being applied to the heating element.

Two boil-dry protection switches (BOIL DRY SW1 and SW2) protect the kettle from damage in the event it is turned on with little or no water in it. Like the thermostat, these switches are bimetallic plates that turn off the heating element at the point where the kettle connects to the base (COUPLING). If these switches are activated, they can be reset by removing the kettle from the baseplate, filling it with cold water, and returning it to the baseplate.

Information Provided by the Manufacturer

Chef'sChoice® International™ Cordless Electric Kettle #677:

Boil water more quickly than a microwave for tea, coffee, hot chocolate or instant soup. Generous 1.75-quart capacity with an exterior water gauge for easy measuring. The powerful 1500 watt heating element is hidden beneath the stainless floor of the unit, so it's never in contact with water, eliminating build-up of mineral deposits and permitting easy clean-up. The revolutionary cordless design allows the kettle to be lifted from its baseplate for convenient filling and serving. The automatic shut-off, double boil-dry safety shut-off and lid-lock features guarantee safe use. One year limited warranty. UL or ETL and Canadian Approval.

The Chef'sChoice® website

Additional Information

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Descriptions and Explanations

The following websites provide some background information on the invention, manufacture, and operation of electric kettles:

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Other Perspectives on Troubleshooting/Repair

The websites below contain general information about fixing electric kettles:

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