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Ink Cartridges

Note: This printer requires next generation ink cartridges. If you have older cartridges, you will need a new chip or cartridge.

This printer uses either HP 564 or 564XL ink tanks and is compatible with both the standard and high capacity ink tanks.

The printer gets ~750/color and ~550/black on the XL inks and ~300/color and ~250/black.

Note: Your mileage will vary based on what you print, so keep this in mind when looking at the yield of either the Standard and XL ink cartridges.

Aftermarket cartridges for printers that use the HP 564 ink cartridges are widely available and easy to find. Many of these are as good or better than the HP OEM cartridge without the associated costs. These are fine if you use the printer for basic print jobs, but do not print photos effectively.

Caution: Some remanufactured ink cartridges use chips from "empty" cartridges, so the ink level may not be trackable.

Where to purchase ink

Genuine (HP OEM): HP

Remanufactured: Amazon

Photo printing (and technical limitations)

While this printer supports photo printing and even has a dedicated photo tray, this is a CMYK printer (4 color printer) and lacks Photo Black (5 color). This will reduce the available color range for photo printing.

For home prints, this may not a deal breaker but for users who want to print photos beyond ones that will not be affected by the limitations of a 4 color printer, this is not a good printer for you and you need to look for a 5 color (or better) model that has a wider color range.

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