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The HP Stream 7 Troubleshooting page can help with minor issues that may not require part replacement:

HP Stream 7 Troubleshooting

Identification and background

Hewlett-Packard released the HP Stream 7 on September 29, 2014. The tablet has been popular due to its affordability yet still a multi-functional device. The HP Stream 7 has a seven inch screen with a 1280x800 display operating with Windows 8.1. Light weight (0.8 lbs) and portable, the tablet comes stock with 32 GB of memory, a 1.8 GHz processor, and a mono speaker system capable of many day to day tasks.

Device Number : HP stream 7

Model Number : 7

Release Date : 9/29/2014

Distinguishing Features : 1280 x 800 pixels

Processor: 1.8 GHz

Front Camera : 0.3- megapixels

Ram :1 GB

OS : Windows 8.1

Storage : 32GB

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