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If you need some help with your Hitachi HB-B102 Automatic Home Bakery II, try this Troubleshooting Guide

Background and Identification

The Hitachi HB-B102 Automatic Home Bakery II is a home bread maker made by the Japanese company Hitachi and was released in the late 80's. This bread maker has a vertical bread pan and a viewing window on the top of the lid. The model name, "HB-B102," can be found to the left of the display or on the front vertical panel just below the display and buttons.

This bread machine has the following options and features:

  • Standard Size Vertical Loaf Pan
  • Regular and Large Size Loaves
  • Medium and Light Shades of Crust
  • Multiple operations: Bread, Bread Rapid, Mix Bread, and Dough
  • Whole Wheat Bread
  • 13 Hour Delay Timer
  • Removable Lid for Easy Cleaning
  • Top Viewing Window

Additional Information

Instruction Manual Even though this is for the HB-B101, the only difference between the machines is that the 101's display has a few more indication lights.

HB-B102 Cookbook

Hitachi HB-B102 Forum

Mr. Breadmaker Advice

Bread Machine Digest This website features a list of stores across the nation that carry manufacturer parts and supplies, as well as ones that will service breadmakers.

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