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For Logitech G910 Keyboard common troubleshooting you can visit our troubleshooting page.

Background and Identification

This keyboard is designed for gaming. The model number of the keyboard is 820-006773. It is powered by USB port. It can be connected to the internet. It comes with 100 MB for optional additional download. It is different than regular typing keyboards we are used to. It is known for its capacity in changing colors, and quality performance keyboard features. The remotes are located on the underside of the battery cover included with the PID, M/N, and the P/N numbers indicating your device.

Logitech G910 keyboard has the unique shape differentiating from G810. It has a display of blue colored G910 at the bottom which is the difference from G510 and G710. Amazon offers it at a price of $120. The most common failure errors people mostly have using this product is, the LED wrong backlight color, firm ware update error, and the blue common rgb buttons.

Additional Information

The official website of G910 ORION SPARK

The official support page of Logitech G910

The official link for Setup Guide

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