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Identification & Background

Released in October of 1999, the Palm Vx was designed to upgrade the previous model, the Palm V. It is a personal digital assistant device made by Palm Computing division of 3Com. Soon after the Palm Vx was released, Palm Computing was bought out by Palm, Inc. therefore making the Palm Vx the first device without the 3Com branding. The Palm Vx has a much sleeker design and lower weight than its predecessor, and also increased its available storage to from 2 megabytes to 8. This was one of the last palm models that could not use an external memory card, but one of the first to network with email and other online programs. The Palm Vx was one of the lightest models offered with a retail price of $299.

Special edition models were released later that had preloaded programs such as HealtheTec, a weight management software package, and a travel organization program. This model came with a blue brushed –metal finish and was roughly $100 more than the standard model. Palm also released a limited edition that was offered in either champagne or millennium-blue colors.


Track down problems encountered with your Palm Vx on our Palm Troubleshooting Page.

Technical Specs


*Product Type Handheld .

*Operating System Palm OS 3.5 .


*Type Monochrome .

*Display Resolution 160 x 160 .

*Color Depth 4-bit (16 gray levels) .


*RAM 8 MB .

*ROM Flash .


*Processor Motorola MC68EZ328 .

*Processor Clock Speed 20 MHz .


*Audio None .


*Preloaded Software Expense,




*AvantGo Web Channel Manager,

*Chapura Pocket Mirror,

*To Do List,

*Date Book,

*Address Book,


*Memo Pad .

Input Device

*Type Touch-screen .

Expansion and Connectivity

*Expansion Slot(s) None .

*Interfaces 1 x Serial - RS-232 - 9 pin D-Sub (DB-9),

*1 x Infrared - IrDA,

*1 x Serial - RS-232 - 25 pin D-Sub (DB-25) .

*Connectivity Devices Docking cradle .


*Technology / Form Factor Lithium ion .

*Run Time (Up To) 1 month(s) .


*Included Accessories Power adapter , Stylus .

*Cables Included 1 x Serial adapter .

*Localization English / United States .

Dimensions & Weight

*Width 3.1 in .

*Depth 0.4 in .

*Height 4.5 in .

*Weight 4 oz .

System Requirements for PC Connection

*OS Required Apple MacOS 7.5.3 or later,

*Microsoft Windows NT 4.0,

*Microsoft Windows 95/98 .

*Min RAM Size 8 MB .

*Min Hard Drive Space 20 MB

Additional Information

*Palm: User Manual

*Wikipedia: Palm Vx

*CNET: Palm Vx Review

*iFixit Blog: Palm V Page

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