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If you are having difficulties with the Sony Vaio PCG-61A12L try looking at the troubleshooting page here.

Background and Identification

The Sony Vaio PCG-61A12L is part of the E series laptops released in March of 2012 by Sony. The laptop model number VPCEG37FM can be found on the bottom of the laptop. This model number helps to distinguishes this laptop from the other Sony Vaio PCG-61A12L models, the VPCEG16FM and VPCEG27FM.

The Sony Vaio PCG-61A12L comes in four color variations: blue, black, pink, and white. This version of the Sony Vaio PCG-61A12L has a longer lasting battery life and faster processor compared to previous models. The laptop runs on Windows 10, has a memory of 4GB, and hard drive capacity of 640GB. There is a built in webcam, and an 14in LED-backlit display with 1366x768 resolution that is carried over from the older model of Sony Vaio PCG-61A12L, the VPCEG27FM.

Additional Information

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