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Modèle début 2011, A1278 / 2.3 GHz i5 ou processeur 2.7 GHz i7.

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Is there an easier way to install 2nd Hard drive?

Looking at step 8-12 on the Hard Drive Replacement Guide

I am very cautios and afraid of damaging wires/ cables from the logic board. Is there safer techniques/methods or anything for that matter? Any advice on how to remove the cables safely?

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Hey Jordan, I know that job can seem a little intimidating, but it's actually a very straight-forward and simple repair. I've done it myself several times, and as long as you're careful and follow the guide exactly, you won't have any trouble.

We spend a lot of time trying to make sure every guide shows the fastest and easiest way to finish the job.

Good luck, happy fixing!

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I tried fixing it and now im stuck at the part where you have to remove two screws mounting the SuperDrive. The top of the screws are stripped. Not that bad, but bad enough that i cant have a good grip. Any solutions???


Take a look at this list of the 12 best ways to remove stripped screws, to see if anything there can help (the rubber band trick is surprisingly effective).

If none of those work, try our Precision Screw Extraction Kit or Screw Extracting Pilers. Good luck!


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