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Made by GM. It's the eighth generation of a land yacht!

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Why will my car not turn over

the car will not start maybe because of the ignition switch but the security light keeps bleeking on an off

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My 1992 Pontiac Bonneville SE won't start I turn the key all it does is click click click the security light comes off and on and still no sound... The starter is new the lights comes on the fule pump comes on


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Off the top of my head it could be a bad ignition switch, a bad fuse, a bad battery, a bad starter or in some vehicles the manufacturer has an immobilizer set where it will lock the car from starting in case of a theft attempt. Sometimes putting the wrong key in the ignition will activate the immobilizer. When this happens you will usually see a light in the console with a lock or a key icon. In some cars if you leave the key in the ignition and turn the key (but not crank it), and leave the key in for 30 minutes it will disable the immobilizer.

If this was my car I would do go about repairing the problem in this order:

  • Make sure the car is in park. I have seen this before when people forget that the car is not in park and doesn't let the car start.
  • Find out if the car has an immobilizer.
  • If it does then try the immobilizer trick or find out how to disable it.
  • Check fuses.
  • Have battery tested for free at an auto parts store.
  • Remove starter and have it tested for free at an auto parts store.
  • Replace ignition switch.
  • If problem persisted then I would take it to a reputable shop.

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My 1999 Bonneville would not turn over at all. Found that the Anti-Thief protection build into the Ignition Key was causing this problem. What happens is the key has a tiny resistor installed in the key, between the shiny metal parts on the key. The key's resistance is read when put into the switch, compared it the Anti-thief circuitry and if it matches allows the car to be started. If it doesn't match it disables the starter circuit and you are dead in the water. Fix it by changing the switch for $100+ or read the key's resister, usually have dozen standard one's, got to Radio Shack and get a matching one and put the resistor in the circuit (google how to do this but it's easy) and car works again for little time spent and dollar resistor.

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my 95 was running cut it off now will not crank back new fuel pump and filter new crank senser still nothing help

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