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Repair guides and support for the 5th generation Chevy Caprice. Manufactured by GM's Australian subsidiary, Holden.

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How to rise car suspension


I recently purchase Caprice 2004 LTZ. I want to rise the body on car little higher. So may i know, how to rise body on suspension about 10-20 cm.


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I know this is an old question but be careful raising the suspension of a car without a solid diff. As these cars usually have live rear axles, raising them without a correct kit as Old Turkey suggested will cause binding of your axles. Resulting in tyre wear, suspension issues and not to mention handling problems.


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Mujahid Latif, I definitely would go with a commercial lift kit. It does have all the parts and instructions to install it. Try places like this or on here

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Your coils springs may need some replacement due to its age. Or you can add some rubber lifter to lift the area you want.

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Another thing to check is the shock absorbers once the shocks becomes busted the end result would be a bumpy and uneven height.


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