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Released August 2003. An expensive, but high-end laptop of its time.

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screen turns black, and jumps blue,grey,magenta,

When turning on Windows, after main screen pops up, it turns black for a few seconds, then screen turns fully grey, magenta, pink, blue and again, and again..

Laptop works in safe mode ok, sometimes after working in this mode, next time I use it works fine.

But usually it doesnt work even after safe mode.

Please. I´d like to know if it is hard or soft problem.tks

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carlos, the best way of determining of what is going on, would be to attach an external monitor. If that monitor stays normal, you know it is definitely hardware. You could try to reinstall the video drivers and see if that makes a difference. If not, I would start by looking at the LCD ribbon cable to make sure it is not broken or shortening out. you also need to check you GPU to make sure that there is no micro solder crack etc. To work on your computer, follow these guides. Hope this helps, good luck.

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