Released in 2003, the iBook G4 replaced the iBook G3 as Apple's portable consumer computer.

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How do I replace the connector where the AC adaptor plugs in?

My ibook G4 works perfectly, but something is loose inside the receptacle where the power adapter plugs in and it will not charge. I have another G4 with a crashed hard drive but a working connection (I've been using it to charge the battery) that I can pull the part out of, but I need directions on how to remove and replace it.

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mdaly513, looks like the connector is soldered onto the DC-in board. for the 2004 it's part number 922-6461 and it is available right here. Of course you can also take it out of your other computer:-). Here is what the manual says about the 2004 model:" Preliminary Steps

Before you begin, remove the following:

• Battery

• Bottom case

• Bottom shield


1. With the computer on a soft cloth, disconnect the DC-in cable from the underside of

the logic board.

2. Remove any tape that holds the cable to the frame or logic board.

3. Route the cable from the guides in the chassis.

Block Image

4. Remove the two identical screws from the DC-in board.

Block Image

5. Tilt up the DC-in board, and pivot it out of the frame.

Block Image

6. Remove the DC-in board from the computer assembly.

7. Install the replacement DC-in board, and reassemble and test the computer.

Or you could just check on here for your model and pick the proper guide...:-)

Hope this helps, good luck.

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