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Modèle n° A1367 / 8,16,32 ou 64 GB de capacité

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Really weird white screen with black line in it after repair.

I change my ipod touch 4th generation screen and I got a white screen. Here's a link

Please help me!


I changed the screen and it worked. Thank you

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Glad you got it to work.


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Philippe Dupuis, recheck your work. It is possible that your connector is not properly seated. Check all the pins to make sure they are aligned properly. Ultimately, looks like a bad LCD, but try the connector first. If that is all a-okay you do need to replace your LCD. Hope this helps, good luck

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Thank you, I will try that but the thing is that LCD was working perfectly for a few minutes then I turned off my ipod and close down my ipod and this thing showed up


I understand, and I know it's a PITA. Hopefully it's just the connector not seated or the pins inside the connector slightly bed.


Okay thank you


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