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La Sega Genesis (aussi connue sous le nom de Mega Drive) est la console de jeu vidéo Sega qui a rencontrer le meilleur succès.

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A couple of games keep resetting during play

I have an original Sega Genesis that does not say high definition. I have owned this system for 15 years. 2 games Comix Zone and Lion King randomly reset to the title screen while in the middle of playing a game. I have played over 100 other games on this system with no problems. They will both play fine on another system. Why wont my system play these games normally?

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I still have Lion King but ended up getting rid of Comix Zone because I couldn't play it on my system.


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I would start by cleaning the games and the contacts. If it played "100 other games on this system with no problems" it most likely is not the console.

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That was the first thing I tried. I used rubbing alcohol and swabs. I kept cleaning until the swabs came away clean. It still randomly goes back to the title screen during game play.


Check this guide Comment nettoyer le port de jeu du Sega Genesis for cleaning some more :-) again, it may just be a bad game ;-)


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