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1993 Chevrolet Cavalier repairs and mods.

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How do you replace ignition switch

How do you replace ignition switch on 93 cavalier

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Gary miller, here is what the manual says:"

Ensure front wheels are pointed straight ahead.

Turn ignition switch to Lock position and remove SIR or AIRBAG fuse.

Remove lower left sound insulator.

Remove connector position assurance (CPA) lock and disconnect yellow two-way SIR harness connector at base of steering column Steering wheel.

Remove Cover screws (22).

Remove upper steering column cover (3).

Remove lower steering column cover screws (26) and lower steering column cover (24).

Move shift lever to "PARK" position and key to "OFF-LOCK" position then remove the key.

Remove the two ignition switch mounting screws (21) and ignition switch assembly (20).

Remove all wire connectors from ignition switch assembly (push locking tabs to remove the wires" Hope this helps, good luck

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