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Repair information for the 6th generation iPod nano. Released in September of 2010. Model Number: A1366.

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White screen after power button repairing

The power button of my iPod nano 6th generation was stucked. Since Apple repair center only propose entire replacement by paying half the price of a new iPod I decided to fix it myself.

I opened it successfully and I've succeed in repairing the power button (a 0.5 mm little chip needed to be glued again, it makes the contact between the hard button and electronic switch).

But when I assembled again the whole, I have now a white screen and I even after several reset the screen remains white. The iPod is detected by my computer and I can still listen to the music on it. It seems that only main menu and touch screen is locked.

Does anyone know how to fix that ? Did Apple set tricks so that any person trying to repair its nano will never succeed in ??


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It sounds to me like you damaged your screen when removing it to gain access to the power button. There are two very fragile flexible strips that run to the different sections of the screen. One for the backlight...which makes it white..and one to the touch screen where the info goes...It seems like you probably damaged that one. You can get replacement screens pretty cheap online. hope that helps

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try to reset the phone.

with the phone torned on hold both the home button & the lock/unlock button for about 10 seconds .

the phone will power off then power on again , this has worked for me in the past.

please rate me if this helps you

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Hello, I have encountered this before, For me a simple restore did the trick. To restore an iPod just plug it into your computer and restore it using iTunes.

Danelle Ebreo this may work for you as when I encountered this it was after I replaced the Screen :)

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