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10.1" tablet computer released in December 2011. Quad-core processor, wifi, GPS, and docking keyboard.

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Screen problem after water drop

I dropped my Prime into bathtub and dried it afterwards. Overall it works ok, but half of the screen is covered with color lines that sometimes change to black or other single color, sometimes they disappear but the image is fuzzy in that part of screen. Digitizer works ok. Tried disconnect and connect screen - doesn't help.

What part should I replace? Screen? Motherboard?


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Stanislav Polyakov, the very first thing I suggest is that you clean your Asus. Disassemble it and clean all of the parts with +90% isopropyl alcohol, do not forget the cable ends and the connectors. Replace the battery. Reason for all of this is to avoid corrosion failure later on, and it will corroded:) once you get all this done, reassemble and re-evaluate. It does look like you will at least need a new LCD. Hope this helps, good luck.

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Thanks for your feedback. I will clean it and see the result.


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