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iPod 4th gen disabled

how do i enable my ipod 4th generation.Its been disable for a few months and its still has 22,397636 minutes to go. what had happen was my touch screen stop working i turned it on and there it was disabled i repaired the screen myself but cant do anything

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Angel, you will have to place your iPod in DFU mode and restore it. Remember that you will loose all your data on the iPod. you will have to put your iPod into DFU Mode and Restore:

Connect your iPod to your computer

Turn your iPod off

For 10 seconds, hold both the Home and Power buttons

While still holding the home button down, release the power button only. Continue to hold the home button down for an additional 10 seconds.

iTunes should now pop up with a message that the iPod was found in recovery mode and you can restore your iPod. Hope this helps, good luck.

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