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Guide de réparation et support pour les Netbook de la marque Acer incluant la série Aspire One.

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Acer Aspire One PAV70 does not turn on

I have a Acer Aspire One PAV70 that does not turn on. The blue power light will turn on for maybe 4 seconds and any usb devices will power up but the screen does not turn on. I have tried removing the battery, resetting the CMOS and testing it with another stick of RAM that I believe to be good.

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Did you try to remove your battery pack and trying to turn it on then, also does your charger work, if u have a multimeter check if it supplys the correct voltage.

I presume you cant hear any fans running ? when you press the power button can you ?


I tried that and I have tested the charger in a friend's aspire one and it worked fine. Also when the battery is connected to the netbook and the charger is plugged in the battery charging light comes on.

The fan does not turn on but I'm not 100% sure if the fan turned on immediately when it was running properly either.

I have also tried disconnecting the fan, the screen, the speakers, the webcam, and pretty much anything else on the off chance that one of them might be shorting out.

There is a chance that the ram I tested it with may also be garbage but it is the only stick I have besides the one already in the netbook. If I can manage to get my hands on another one I will test it again and post the results but I'm not sure how likely it is that both sticks would be faulty.


Have you tried doing a reflow on the GPU? Sounds to me like everything is working correctly and that the GPU may need some attention.

Quick tip to *&$%& if its your GPU... connect another monitor to it and see if you can get it to show you something. If you can't its most likely a GPU error.


I'll keep that in mind as an emergency last ditch plan but I'm still open to any suggestions.


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Try to drop out the hdd drive and to boot it then, i've seen on the net that faulty drives might prevent them from booting properly, also u can try to run it barebones on the table to make sure ur case isnt shorting out

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I have the same system, same problem, did the following:

Take out HDD, turn it on.

Take off the Ram, turn it on. (Of course, nothing happens)

Tried a static discharge (Pressing the power button for around 15sec with de PC unplugged)

When i placed the ram and HDD back on it worked just fine.

Maybe it was a ram issue, maybe it resetted the mboard. I really dont know what was THE issue but this worked somehow.

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