Question about Battery Solder Pad Repair

Alright, I had a question on here a long time ago about fixing a solder pad for the labeled iPod. The responses given were helpful, but I am not all that experienced with digging into a PCB to find a trace. Old turkey gave good advice, and I used a older 8gb 2nd iPod to experiment a bit. I ripped of the middle solder per like my 64gb with a exactoknife and I dug in and found a copper strip coming from the same direction of the test point below the pad area. I used my multimeter and I found that it was being detected, giving off some ohms of resistance.

Now, here is where lack of experience comes in XD

Is this the right thing to do? Is the 64GB iPod going to have the same layout? Also, I ripped off the other pads on the 8gb, but I can't find the copper traces when I dig in to the PCB. How easy it to destroy the trace under where the pad was? I don't want to kill my good 64GB when I do this for real... If it is easy to cut the trace when digging into the PCB, then how should I go about unveiling the trace?

I can take a picture of both iPods, but I'm not sure where to upload them, lol.

Block Image

Picture 1: Here is my nice little workstation, lots of my own tools and jewelry wax carving tools around and my new, WAY BETTER, soldering iron that replaced the one that took my original pad off.

Block Image

Picture 2: This is the 8gb 2nd Gen Ipod. I managed to get the middle trace exposed (I think), but not the others....

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Picture 3: This is the 64GB 3rd Gen ipod. It hasn't been touched with a knife yet, since I don't feel like killing it. Its also sitting on my transparent computer.

Edit: I have another question also, when I'm done with this repair, can I use some standard black electrical tape to cover it up?


Block Image

I Managed to epoxy the pad down to the board. The new pad is a nice piece of flattened copper, putting this up for further documentation, so others can be helped. Am I doing this correctly? Ill be soldering a piece of copper wire the test point below now, any objections?

Update 2:

Well, the pad came off when I was working again. My epoxy wasn't good enough, and I really want to boot this thing up to access a app (Its a authenticator to login into a account). I don't have any other adhesive that could probably do this job, so im stuck.

Update 3:

Block Image

Block Image

So, I managed to get a solder bridge, copper wire wasn't working out to well. The pad is connected to the circuit, is this satisfactory? But, there is one problem, no epoxy is applied right now, and I can apply it carefully, but would it okay to keep a joint like this in the ipod?

Update 4:

Its been quite a long time, but I could not finish attaching the ipod battery due to the fact that the epoxy I had would not hold properly. I have gone ahead and bought some Silver Conductive Epoxy to use as a solder pad. Ill report my success (if it ever happens lol).

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Thorhian, a picture is worth a 1000 words :-) check this question on how to post images. repair battery connector iPhone 4


Alright, you got it old turkey. Will post sometime later.


Alright, added some pictures.


Good pictures. Looks like you could just replace the solder pad on the center contact or solder to the test point just below it. does not look like you will have to scrape off the traces.


What do you mean? Are you talking about the 8gb? I haven't done anything to the 64GB. I know I can just use some silver epoxy to create a new pad, but how do I know if its connected to the trace? Will it just connect to the circuit by itself? This is where my unsurity lies I wasn't clear.


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